A New, Easy Way to Design That 2nd (or 3rd) Bathroom

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It’s LAUNCH day! (Eek!) After many months of planning and poring over every last detail, I could not be more proud and excited to introduce an entirely new way to design and renovate a 2nd (or 3rd) bathroom in your home… Meet our Fall Collection of SOURCED Design Kits! 

We’ve released not one, but FOUR bathroom kits for you to fall in love with no matter what your bathroom layout looks like, and no two are alike! Looking for fresh and sophisticated? Moody and clean-cut? Playful and creative? On trend yet timeless? It’s going to be tough to choose!

But enough about style. Let’s talk about what’s IN these design kits that are going to help you lead and manage your bathroom renovation with confidence and designer-worthy results. You could head over to Sourced to see them in action OR stick with me here, and I’ll share exactly what’s inside…

1. Design Kit Mood Board

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Each kit includes a flat lay that shows how the materials work together to create the overall look and feel of the future space — a quick way to decide if the style is right for you and your home!

2. Shopping List for Your Bathroom Materials

You’ll receive a shopping list that includes materials and item selections at multiple price tiers for…

  • All hardscape materials: floor tile, wall tile, niche tile, grout selections, countertop, schluter
  • Stand alone vanity and/or paint color for a custom cabinetry design of your choice
  • Mirror
  • Sink (if not included with a vanity)
  • Cabinet Hardware (if not included with a vanity)
  • Wall Hooks & Towel/TP Fixtures 
  • Wall Color
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Bonus: Option for a stand alone shower + shower floor tile 
  • Bonus: Option for a freestanding tub 
  • Bonus: Wall Art, Styling items, and bathroom accessories (like Shower Curtain, Rugs, Wall Shelves, Framed Art, Storage Ideas etc.) 

Best part? Both the 1st and 2nd price tiers maintain high-quality standards that you can count on enduring everyday use. (Remember when I shared The Best Materials for a Family-Friendly Home? You’ll see some familiar faces in the Design Kits!)

3. Our Renovation Guidebook

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Your Renovation Guidebook includes important information and FAQs for managing your renovation, in addition to guiding you through selecting and documenting the shopping list items you would like to include.

4. Your Renovation Spec Book

Your Spec Book is where you will document the Design Kit items you wish to procure and install in your new bathroom. You will share these with your GC for accurate quotes, implementation, and streamlined communication. This is essential to a successful renovation!

5. Visual Representations for Implementation

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Each Design Kit also includes the technical drawings your contractors will need to implement the bathroom design and adapt it to your specific bathroom layout:

  • Color Rendering of a Standard American Bathroom (though not likely, if your bathroom footprint is different, your GC will be able to adapt the design plan to your specific space)
    • Vanity wall elevation
    • Shower/Tub combo elevation
    • Bird’s eye view floor plan
    • Conceptual styling plan
  • Technical line drawings with recommended installation location & measurements for:
    • Exact mirror placement
    • Vanity lighting location
    • Wall & towel hooks
    • Art/Styling item installation

6. Live Q&A with Us!

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I know that a renovation is full of details, decisions, and coordination, which is why we have spent 9 months developing our Design Kits and leaving no detail untended. BUT, we also know that questions may come up during the process, and we want to make sure you have support if you need it. 

That’s why we will hold one Live Q&A via Zoom the month after each season’s Design Kits retire. If you purchased a kit that season, you will be formally invited to ask your questions, join us, and hear how other take-charge women are progressing with their renovations, too. 

In other words… answers, solidarity, and empowerment! Can you think of a better way to enjoy the adventure of leading a beautiful bathroom redesign? Me neither. 😉

Okay, NOW, you’re ready to see them in person. Come take a peek at the current season’s stunning collection of Design Kits



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