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The passion and people behind Styleberry’s fresh, functional spaces

Welcome to Styleberry Creative, where we love bringing beauty, order, and above all, function to busy families’ homes. We know living with kids comes with a mess. (Been there!) We know working long hours comes with exhaustion. (Been there, too.) That’s why our purpose and passion is designing homes that bring harmony to all these aspects of life. There’s nothing better than walking in the front door after a long day and… exhaling. This is what we want for you. This is our WHY — and we love what we do! Warmly, Shawna + Team Styleberry

Team Members

Shawna Percival

Shawna’s 10-year design career started with a Business, Art & Media degree, grew into the popular Styleberry Blog of the late 2000s, and became the flourishing design firm that Styleberry Creative is today. Shawna believes that an ordered, beautiful space is the fastest way to a family’s harmony and happiness at home — and she loves nothing more than bringing this to life for clients across this tight-knit community. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Shawna currently lives in San Antonio with her military physician husband and their two young children. When she’s not designing, you can find her sweating it out at yoga, cooking in the kitchen, or sporting her favorite hoodie.

Kennedi Harrison

Along with a Bachelors in Interior Design and an innate eye for aesthetics, Kennedi is also the creative brains behind Styleberry’s 3D modeling, one of many technical skills she learned in her previous role at a design-build firm. For Kennedi, the beauty of a home lies in the story it tells about the people who live and make memories there. Listening is how she unearths that story; designing is how she brings it to life. Kennedi moved from her West Texas home to join the San Antonio community in early 2018. When she’s not in the creative zone, you can find her enjoying life as a newlywed. 

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Shawna is friendly, knowledgeable and super detail oriented! I used Shawna to E-consult on a portion of my kitchen that I was remodeling. There was one long wall that felt too linear to me and I wanted to find a way to break it up. She also helped me answer some of my design dilemmas that were nagging me. I kept bouncing back and forth between wanting the kitchens that I was pinning on Pinterest with lots of open shelving and trying to be practical. Shawna gave me the confidence to make my kitchen feel both beautiful but also usable and efficient. This was necessary because I love to cook and wanted the kitchen to be the center of my home. I'd recommend Shawna's services to anyone who just needed a little guidance in the decision making process or for someone who was taking on a larger project and needed more help.

Jessica Sliman | Orange County, CA

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