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Like you, we know what a career-driven life is like: the long hours, that stretched-thin feeling, the rare moments of me-time. (Between running this business and being married to a military physician, I know time is scarce!)


For designers, creating a beautiful home is easy. Crafting a beautiful home that gives you back time, energy, and life is a whole different skill set — and that’s exactly where we excel.


Can well-designed interiors really help your mind find ease? Partner up with us, and we’ll show you the answer is a resounding YES!



Shawna + Team Styleberry

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Shawna Percival

founder + creative director

Shawna’s 10-year design career started with a Business, Art & Media degree, grew into the popular Styleberry Blog of the late 2000s, and became the flourishing design firm that Styleberry Creative is today.


Shawna believes that an ordered, beautiful space is the fastest way to relaxing and enjoying time at home — and she loves nothing more than bringing this to life for clients.


Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shawna resides in San Antonio with her military physician husband and their two young children. When she’s not designing, you can find her sweating it out at yoga, curled up with a book, or sporting her signature hoodie.


interior designer

Along with a Bachelor in Interior Design and an innate eye for aesthetics, Kennedi is also the creative brains behind Styleberry’s 3D modeling, one of many technical skills she learned in her previous role at a design-build firm.


For Kennedi, the beauty of a home lies in the story it tells about the people who live and make memories there. Listening is how she unearths that story; designing is how she brings it to life. Kennedi moved from her West Texas home to join the San Antonio community in early 2018. When she’s not in the creative zone, you can find her on a yoga mat or in the gym, reading, or sharing a meal with family and friends.