The Claremont Project: Modern Boho Style Living Spaces

This week’s transformation — a modern boho style living room, dining area, and powder room — is proof that blank white walls can unleash a world of potential. As a bare bones new build and our clients’ first home, this space was itching for some personality. Kristen & Nick called us & the rest is history…

Before: A Pair of Interesting Design Challenges

before claremont tx long open concept living room kitchen new build white walls

The 1st challenge? The layout of the home. Here, you can see that it’s an open concept living area and kitchen, with limited countertop seating for meals and a really narrow entryway. Kristen & Nick were eager to make it more functional, spacious, and personal.

The 2nd challenge? The budget. After the expense of building a home, Kristen & Nick’s furnishings budget was quite small, nearly half our normal requirement. We decided to say… so what?! We saw so much potential in this home, and we knew exactly how we could invest strategically to stretch that budget for maximum impact. So we decided to go for it!

I’m so glad we did. This home is now a testament to what style, a smart furniture layout, & the right scale furnishings can do…

Design Concept & Floor Plan

birds eye view of floor plan for narrow open concept home kitchen living room dining area san antonio tx styleberry

Fun fact: We designed this home completely virtually, but Kristen & Nick actually live in the San Antonio area! Even though they were right down the street (and could have opted into our in-person add-ons), they were happy to get our design concept & create the space themselves. Proof that our method is easyyyy.

interior design floor plan for furnishings design concept custom san antonio tx

As part of our interior design service, we created several color renderings for them, detailing the look and feel of each space in their home. Each of these also came with a technical diagram showing the floor plan and dimensions of the space, down to the inch.

custom floor plan for furnishings living room layout san antonio tx styleberry creative interiors

Kristen & Nick received these plans, purchase links for furnishings, specified paint colors, and styling tips — AKA everything they needed to create a space they love. Then, they followed the plan to a T… & it looks spectacular!

In fact, it turned out so well that you’ll never believe we didn’t set foot in the house until photoshoot day! (We didn’t. Promise.) Come see it for yourself…

Making a Narrow Entry Hallway Look Bigger

how to make narrow entryway look larger oversized art side table shelving organic style interior design

Step through the front door, and you’ll meet an entry hallway that is very narrow — & was tricky to design. Scale was key here. First, we chose large art to make the hallway feel bigger. (How?! Design tricks!) Next, we layered in repeating rugs and the tiniest shoe storage table and mounted shelves. 

Together, these create the perfect pretty and petite solution for this space with big functionality: a drop zone for keys and shoes, a vignette for style, and the appearance of more space. Yes, please!

Dining Area, Home Bar & Shelf Storage

modern boho style living room dining area open concept new build warm woods fresh relaxed san antonio interior design

Step past the entryway, and you’re met with this fresh and spacious sight. Kristen & Nick wanted as much seating as possible (without feeling crowded), so we created a dining area that seats 6.

The pairing of several wood tones — the chairs, table, flooring, shelves, and display case — create the boho vibe that Kristen loves, while chic Windsor style chairs, an arched mirror, and touches of black bring in the modern (and slightly Parisian) look Nick wanted. Such an interesting mix!

styleberry creative san antonio tx open concept dining area wood chairs bar cabinet shelving modern boho style

This dining space is perfectly located between the kitchen and living area for effortless flow during everyday meals or the occasional dinner party. They didn’t think it could be done, but it fits!

styleberry creative interiors dining area black bar cabinet open shelving windsor chairs neutral rug greenery fresh organic

On one side of the dining space, we used this black display case to create a mini bar that contains glassware, their collection of liqueurs, and some special travel mementos and books. On the other side, shelving helps maximize vertical storage and creates more space for stylish accessories that hold special meaning.

Modern Boho Style Living Room

modern boho style interior design inspiration living room white sofa plush chairs fiddle leaf fig abstract art san antonio tx

So pretty! Kristen & Nick’s living room received a massive style upgrade. Seriously, go back and look at the Before photos… I’ll wait right here. Back? Night and day, right??

We splurged on upholstery and some special pieces in this space, & the rest is a careful mix of very price-friendly options. (See my tips for saving vs. splurging in your home here.) We also wanted this space to seat 4-6 people, just like the dining table, so we maximized the space with these comfy occasional chairs. We also have floating poufs (not pictured) to add a couple more seats!

modern boho style natural rug white sofa soft color scheme san antonio styleberry creative interiors

Like the entry hallway, we used large scale art to make this space feel bigger. The abstract vibe of this piece adds great flow to the room and perfectly harmonizes their neutral color palette. It feels soft yet grounded, serene yet conversational. 

beautiful wood coffee table style vase plant bowl beads book san antonio tx online interior design

Of course, we couldn’t resist specifying more accessories and decor to make this space feel extra welcoming and styled. And would you look at these coffee table and rug details?! GREAT texture and natural character.

organic relaxed interior design abstract end table white sofa styleberry creative design team satx

We specified wall-mounted lighting to keep the floors free for these stunning end tables. The funky-organic shape of the tables and modern lines of the lamp are the perfect modern boho style match! It’s fresh, natural, and undoubtedly crisp. 

Modern Edgy Powder Room

I admit it — the powder room has a whole ‘nother vibe going on, & Kristen & Nick love it! We created an edgy powder room design that takes the limited number of dark elements in the living areas and amps them up… 

powder bathroom dramatic moody charcoal walls french decor modern

Moody, right? We repeated the themes of natural wood, lines and curves, and creative lighting to make it feel cohesive with the rest of the home. The final touch? Framed art of a French café and menu with Parisian vibes for Nick.

This formerly cramped and bare bones home now has it all — fresh functionality, meaningful personality, and sophisticated style! & in the end, they created it all themselves. That’s something special!

Ready to makeover your own home? We’d love to give you a personalized design concept and game plan for making it happen. Book a chat with us here to see if we’re the right fit for you.


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