15 Gift Ideas for Art Lovers & Plant Parents

best gift ideas for art lovers and plant parents styleberry creative interiors san antonio texas

When I think of what gives me the most delight in my home, I often think of art. But as I pulled together a few of my favorite artists to share with you, I realized that my list included several ceramicists, too… 

I’m not sure why I was surprised. The amount of plants in my home & office has reached a shocking level. (They’re like a small flock at this point, perched on window sills, nestled on top of consoles and shelves…)

If you ask me, those pretty pots and greenery are just as mood-boosting as a beautiful painting or print. So why shouldn’t I share both with you? Exactly. & here we are.

While gifting home goods can be hard, gifting a beautiful piece of art or greenery can be doubly special: the piece itself can evoke joy and the recipient will be reminded of YOU when they look at/water it. Win win! 

How can you pick a piece you know they’ll love? With art, abstract or landscape compositions are often safe. Then, pay attention to their favorite colors (hint: they will often wear them!) and gift accordingly. 😉

Gift Ideas: Paintings & Prints

possible presents for art lovers emily jeffords land sky paintings blue pink

Emily Jeffords is a master of her craft. Ethereal landscapes, soft abstracts, originals and prints. Inspired by land and sky, her work has so much to love. I’ve been following her on Instagram for years, and her piece, “A Place of Magic,” longingly hangs in our office studio! Perfect for someone who loves to dream, relax, or reflect.

gift ideas for art lovers laurie anne art nature landscapes abstract

Um…color bliss! Truly, Laurie Anne has an understanding of colors that I love and adore. & she has an affinity for the signature color around here at Styleberry — peachy pink coral. Her abstract nature scenes are perfect for inviting calm, soothing vibes into a room.

Gift Ideas: Ceramic Art, Planters & Mugs

possible presents nita cole ceramics landscapes jewelry

Handmade art is always a favorite of mine, and Nita Cole’s soft touch, but clear vision, is present in her art. I love her small landscapes, which use the most subtle of lines to create images we all recognize. She makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry, too. Oh, and did I mention we used to share an office?!

gift ideas for plant parents pots modernly planted shelf accessories pastel

Modernly Planted is one of my favorite resources for cute planters, vases, and other shelf accessories. I love their captivating use of color and concrete, which makes each planter special and a visual treat. Fill the pot with a plant or some goodies for an extra special touch.

possible presents for plant parents rain ceramic mugs and planters

I’m a sucker for a sweet little happy face in art (which will always remind me of my son), and Rain Ceramic’s made-to-order pieces are sure to make anyone smile! The #005 mug is especially perfect for that friend or family member with a sense of humor. 😉

If you loved these ideas, be sure to follow Styleberry on Instagram. We love supporting other small businesses and sharing fellow artists and artisans. There are more where these came from!

Happy gifting,

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