Roundup: Gallery Wall Essentials & Designer-Approved Tips

We believe every home deserves a beautiful gallery wall, and today we’re going to demystify how to create one! While each gallery wall we create is personalized to the space we are in and mindful of the scale of each room, there are some basics that you can apply to any space.

Here are some ideas to help you get started in creating your own special gallery wall…

gallery wall living room uniform symmetrical color photos tips

Gallery Wall Tip 1: Go Big!

The biggest mistake we see is clients going too small. This article dives deeper into avoiding those mistakes, and above is an example of how to do it right!

Here are some frames to get you going:

Gallery Wall Tip 2: Use a Ledge

Sometimes a ledge is easier to manage and a cinch to keep frames fresh. Swap out and play with your favorites each season! Here are some ideas, using readily available ledges and frames, linked below.

For a narrower ledge, try arranging frames like this:

For a wider, more generous gallery wall, try this ledge arrangement:

To shop the ledges and frames drawn above, here see below!

Gallery Wall Tip 3: Keep it Simple

Sites like Framebridge do the work for you. Simply pick a favorite design, upload your images, and poof… they are delivered to your door!

Gallery Wall: Miscellaneous Tips

Color Photos or Black and White? Pick a lane! Use either all color or all black and white for the best results.

Ledge Length: Longer ledges are better, but should not extend past the piece of furniture it’s over, if applicable.

Frame Style: Your collection will look cleaner & more modern if all the frames are the same. We also recommend uniform frame styles for any symmetrical wall galleries.

Trick of the Trade: Buy this to keep them all straight & tidy!

Last but not least… Don’t forget the level!

Happy Hammering!

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