Styleberry Virtual Design + Lemonade

Last week while I was at the store (for the last time in forever), I bought an entire bag of lemons. I have forced myself to look at them every single day as a simple reminder. I can:

(a) leave them untouched and watch them rot, or

(b) I can turn them into something new, something interesting, using my creativity and my own two hands.

These lemons represent what life is calling for right now. Life as a mom, life as a boss, life as a business owner. There are two choices sitting in front of me: neglected, rotten lemons, OR whatever my brain can make out of them.

The Trailend Project + some pretty lemons

I write this having run the full gamut of emotions in three very long, but short weeks. I have “curated my incoming” per the advice of Seth Godin, and been extremely thoughtful about what comes next. I have been challenged to my core: to work while I also teach and parent, to send my husband to the hospital exposed to (and bringing home) who-knows-what, to create a new 90 day plan, and to wrap my head around a complete business pivot, which based on an article I wrote several weeks ago, deeply challenges my personal beliefs. Losing my team, and this dream of a business, has kept me up more nights than I have been able to sleep. But I am not the type of person that will sit down when faced with a challenge.

We will redefine the way we work here at Styleberry, but with the same values that make us who we are.

We created something new, something thoughtful, something responsible.

We are changing the way we work with our clients, and in turn (I hope) are able to reach an expanded clientele who are willing to invest in this thoughtful, detailed plan. Remote Services were something I came up with a zillion reasons not to do, but the truth is, we’ve been designing remotely for years.

What I do know is this:

There is comfort in knowing an exact dollar amount it will cost to work with a designer for a custom Design Concept.

There is pride in making something in your home come to life with your own two hands.

There is deep trust experienced when working with people who genuinely care about what they put out into the world, and draw a fine line regarding how they will and will not do it.

With that, I will share that as of April 1, 2020, we are adding Virtual Interior Design (full room, per space) to our lineup of Styleberry Virtual Services available to you, wherever you live. I do not know if this will be a limited time offering, or it will continue after the pandemic ends, but for now, we are ready to help.

So, friends, here are the promises I will make to you:

I promise your Virtual Design Project will be a flat rate investment. There are no surprises or hidden fees. What we have created is clear, specific, and comprehensive. If you would like to add on additional Virtual Design Coaching through the process, after you receive your concept & deliverables, we will be available to you on an hourly rate basis.

I promise we will give you everything you need to create what we design, with detailed, explicit drawings. That is right. Drawings, renderings, measurements. We will not give you a mood board and a shopping list and set you free. We will do this in a way that leaves you feeling empowered, because it is clear.

I promise that we care how we do this deeply, and for that reason, I promise we will not be the cheapest. We will not present you with a quick, copycat, careless plan, designed to make one retailer a lot of money. (I encourage a thorough read of this article, with special attention to the section on “design fees” and “outsourcing” to learn more about what you get on the internet.) We will present you with something very thoughtful and personal, sourced from a variety of retailers (from Target to Ikea to West Elm and many more you may not know of) that make sense for your family values. We will only do this in a way that feels responsible.

The Peacock Farm Project in St. Louis (which we designed remotely from Texas!)

It is with pride and a side of excitement that we bring this into the world for you. I want nothing more than to keep my team motivated and employed. We want to serve those of you who may not otherwise have been able to work with the incredible people that make up #TeamStyleberry. We are a creative, hard working bunch, and after this first two weeks of E-Design Zoom calls, we’re as enthusiastic as ever to work with you, wherever you live.

If you are interested in any of our Virtual Services, here is the full lineup, with links to learn more:

Please note: we have limited availability for all of these services and will be taking on only a select number, monthly. Our calendar is booked on a first come, first served basis. We can’t wait to work with you!

Oh, and what did we do with all those little lemons? More in yesterday’s instastories. 🙂

Styleberry Creative Interiors is a Full Service Interior Design Firm based in downtown San Antonio, Texas, specializing in fresh, relaxed design completed in a thoughtful, caring way. With a team & design process you can trust, we’ll create a space and experience that will help you finally exhale.

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