Where to work if you don’t have a dedicated office space

We can all agree that having an office space, whether it’s a shared space or a home office, boosts productivity and focus in a way that you just can’t achieve lounging in your pajamas with Netflix on in the background. Been there. Even if you don’t work from home, having a designated space to work on family finances or other day to day tasks can make a huge impact on overall organization and time management.

Around this time last year, my working from home habits were not in the best place, largely because I would set up at the kitchen island and have to stare at my sink. Now, I do my best but occasionally we have the dish pile-up and it is actually impossible to get work done when there’s a sink full of dishes screaming at you. I would constantly get distracted and not be able to focus on the task at hand. This is when I knew I needed to make a change to how I worked at home, and quickly figured out the three most important components to creating a home office in a small space.

Desk Placement

When you live in a small space, placement is key. Opt for a spot that has minimal distractions, like against a wall or looking out a window. In any case, a desk probably isn’t the prettiest piece you own, so try to steer clear of the main living space to start building your office area. If you find yourself using a wall, add some art above that inspires you and and boom! you now have an area to focus but not one that is going to bore you to death.

Blend in & Organize

In a small room adding more furniture can be overwhelming, so look out for something understated and simple, with a depth that is appropriate to the space. My desk at home ended up in our bedroom, so I opted for a narrow, white desk with clean lines. The goal was to make the desk disappear and let everything else in the room be the focal point. Another important factor is getting a desk with enough storage so you can conceal all your desk necessities, papers, folders, pens, everything! If you don’t have that option, utilize baskets and bins to store those things. Keeping the desktop clean and clutter free is essential to blending in.

Find your Focus

Even with a great desk set up that feels purposeful, curated, and clean, there are still opportunities for distractions when you’re at home. I found that there are a few rituals I like to go through that get my mind in the right headspace, and proactively combats distractions that may come up while I’m working. I like to start my essential oil diffuser or light a candle, turn on ambient music, and tidy up the room before sitting down to work. Noticing these small things that can derail your productivity will help tremendously in creating a home office that works for you.

I hope these ideas give you a great starting point for creating a productivity hub in your home. Happy working!

P.S. We’ve created Office Design Checklist, the very same process we use when designing a client’s office space! Grab yours using the link below!

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