Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer Before Your Renovation Starts

A renovation can be a confusing process. If you are a first-time renovator, then everything is new. Sometimes, we are the first call and can help guide you through the process. Sometimes, we’re called in by our partner GCs to assist with the design.

Other times… we are called to come in to get things back on track. Believe me, you don’t want to be in the latter group — fixing mistakes always takes more time and money than it would have taken to do everything right the first time!

There are several steps you, as a homeowner, can take to assure the best possible results when renovating your home. Step #1: Have a trusted designer on board before your renovation starts. Here are 3 big reasons why…

#1: You will save time (& heartache!) on your renovation

In any profession, you don’t know what you don’t know, and what is normal during a renovation is sometimes surprising to homeowners. As designers, not only do we know where to go, who to call, and how projects run, but we also create a strategic and comprehensive plan.

We help set your expectations, and prevent costly and time consuming issues that can occur at any step of the project. Every meeting you have will be efficient and effective and your project will be, too.

All of this well-documented expertise saves you time, helps avoid expensive mistakes, and ultimately, ensures that the beautiful, soul-soothing interiors you want will come to life exactly how you imagine… or even better.

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#2: You will be able to get an accurate bid from a General Contractor

Estimating the investment of a renovation is sometimes really hard. When is the best time to get bids from GCs — before the design or after?

Here’s the thing that most people don’t know: a contractor will not be able to accurately bid your project until you know all of the materials, fixtures, and finishes selected for use in the project. Therefore, any numbers offered without a design plan are really just a “best guess.”

That’s why it’s smart to start with a designer first. We know ballpark numbers for renovations, and once we know your all-in max budget, we can tell you if it’s feasible and create your design accordingly. We want the final outcome to be within reach, and we can strategically design your spaces using materials that meet your investment goals.

Then, when you get your bid from a GC, you’ll know that it’s one you can count on.

#3: You will be able to define the details & reach the desired outcome.

The hard truth lies here: unless you tell your General Contractor exactly what you want, odds are, they’ll do what they think is best. Sometimes you’ll agree with them. But sometimes… not so much.

When it comes to renovation and design, the art is in the decision making. When you don’t make clear what matters to you, decisions will be made for you. (And no amount of styling can coverup design details you don’t like.) Since decisions define the details and making them is important, we insist on clear and approved plans before construction begins.

With everything selected in advance and installation locations determined, the process can run smoothly — on time, in budget, and with a pre-approved final destination. (No “winging it” here!)

I’ve found, both personally and professionally, that making decisions and goals clear to the installers is the hardest part of design. So how do you know what you want? And how do you convey those details properly to avoid errors? You have two choices: research, research, research and hope for the best, or… hire a trusted designer to create those design plans, define specifications, and manage the communication for you.

You know which of these I would vote for!

Precise measurements and specifications are essential to ensuring contractors build what you want!

For these 3 reasons (and a few more I haven’t mentioned), hiring a designer to help formulate a plan is the best investment you can make during your renovation.

Since we know some of our clients are savvy project managers, we design Styleberry plans to be ready to implement, with or without our hands-on help after concept delivery. We include links to purchase and details on all hardscape materials, so your GC can get what they need to bring the design to life. Don’t worry — we’re always available for consulting if you need us during the build out phase!


Styleberry Creative Interiors specializes in fresh, relaxed design crafted in a meaningful way. With a team and process you can trust, we’ll help you create soul-soothing spaces that inspire you to unwind, connect, and finally… exhale.

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