Why We don’t Label our Design Style

As I sit down to write this, I have a running set of images in my head–images of the faces we’ve served this year, and images of the diverse and special spaces we’ve created that make our clients feel at home. Some spaces you have seen, but many you have not.

My heart is heavy this week, yet I keep feeling hope. I keep seeing beauty in this messy middle. There are people of every color uniting, standing not just for equality, but for a celebration of their differences.

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When I created Styleberry, I specifically chose not to put a label on our “style” of design. I distinctly chose to, instead, label our work as “fresh and relaxed” because we don’t create for us, we create for YOU.

What makes you feel relaxed? What colors do you want to see when you walk in your door? What, exactly, feels fresh to you?

Your answer will not be the same as your neighbor’s or your friends’–& truly that is the goal. I want to learn what you love, what makes you feel good, and transform your home so you are surrounded by what moves you, and what means something to you. THIS is how we create a home that feels like yours. THIS is what helps you exhale.

Your home can be no one else’s, because it is uniquely YOURS.

San Antonio Interior Designer, San Antonio Interior Design, Designer San Antonio, Alamo Heights Designer, Alamo Heights Interior Designer
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If I labeled myself as a purveyor of one style (say “modern” or “transitional”) then to me, that feels like a box I have to fit you (and me) into, & that’s no fun! That feels like stripping you of what makes you different. That feels like taking away my source of creativity and inspiration.

Creating a fresh, relaxed space, just for you, means that we move through our process to understand what makes you feel this way, and then take what we have learned and design accordingly. We seek to surround you with art that calls to your history, your ancestors, your joy. We celebrate, through design, what makes your family who they are, and who you want them to become.

This is what feels like a breath of fresh air. This is what makes you feel relaxed the minute you want in the door. You are safe, you are welcomed, you are HOME.

As I reflect on the last several years of projects we’ve completed, I notice that over half of our projects are for People of Color. There are countless ways we’ve designed homes to highlight diversity, and that is what makes what we do so special. If you want a cookie cutter design, there are plenty of people out there that will fit you into a certain design style box, wrap it in a bow, and call it done. We’re not that kind of firm. I’m not that kind of business owner.

I want to know who you are, and I want to encourage you to bring forth more of YOU in your home. That’s what we call the MAGIC.

Styleberry Creative Interiors is a Full Service Interior Design Firm based in downtown San Antonio, Texas, specializing in fresh, relaxed design completed in a thoughtful, caring way. With a team & design process you can trust, we’ll create a space and experience that will help you finally exhale.

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