Is Adding a Custom Built-in Right for Your Space?

I’ve given this some thought, and I’ve realized…I don’t think there is a room we wouldn’t add custom built-ins to! Sure, you can have too much of a good thing, but when done well, custom millwork adds so much value to your space, literally and figuratively. 

If you have been considering custom built-ins for your living room, family room, dining room, home office, bathroom, or another space in your home, here are 5 signs that it’s the right option for you…

1. You’re Looking for Custom Organization

dining room design storage prep space white modern rustic design

Okay, the most obvious one first: organization. This is easily one of the biggest advantages of custom millwork, especially built-in cabinetry. Why? Because it’s custom designed to you and how your household uses the space. Need tall cabinets for a printer? Deep drawers for pots and dishware? You name it, we can do it.

The Hollywood Park Dining Room, above, is the perfect example of how we took our clients’ needs — storage for linens, specialty dishware, and more — and transformed them into a solution that gets the job done, adds style, and offers counter space for simple prep or buffet-style serving. Yes, please!

2. Your Existing Space Feels Tight

custom built-in sage green game room home office desk space storage

Believe it or not, custom built-ins can make tight spaces feel larger. Counterintuitive, right? It works. We often use millwork in spaces that have large walls or don’t have a lot of floor space for furniture. It allows us to take advantage of vertical space, which makes the room feel fuller, cozier, and more interesting… without needing to add a bunch of stuff. 

This Emerald Forest media unit is the perfect example. Putting furniture in this area of the family’s game room felt awkward and disjointed. Instead, this custom built-in achieves everything in one… It offers storage and organization, hides electronics, creates space for doing homework, displays books and mementos, and provides a cozy place to sit. What’s not to love?

3. Durability is Important to You

kitchen island nooks for styling accessories

When thinking about durability, your mind probably wouldn’t go to custom built-ins first. However, adding them to a wall protects the drywall underneath — millwork is strong. It can hold up to backpacks and feet, making them perfect for heavily trafficked areas like in mudrooms or under countertops. Who knew?

In the Emerald Forest project, we designed custom millwork right under the kitchen counter. Boy feet kick this space pretty regularly, so what better way to protect it? We also designed little nooks on either side for style, storage, and hidden charging units. Cords be gone!

4. You Love a One-of-a-Kind Look

morningside tx living room custom shelving design styleberry creative interiors stone fireplace white built-in upholstered chair

Speaking of personalization, another advantage of custom built-ins is all the unique style opportunities. It adds a next-level feel to the room and can, quite literally, function as art! The whole unit can be art on its own, and/or we can design its individual elements too, like styling shelves, adding lighting, customizing hardware, using a fun paint color, and more. It adds immediate visual impact and always looks luxurious.

The Morningside Living Room, above, looked very different when our clients first came to us. The fireplace jutted out from the wall, leaving two empty niches on either side. Instead of filling the space with furniture, we turned the whole wall into a custom built-in with SO MUCH character — wallpaper-backed shelves, art lights, and unique millwork, to name a few. 😉

5. You Care about Increasing Your Home’s Value

custom built-in white oak black backsplash modern coastal style

Last but not least, home value. While this isn’t the first reason I would recommend adding a custom built-in, it’s a perk for sure. Even if you don’t plan to sell in the near future, adding millwork is making an investment in your home. Buyers love unique details like this, as it sets your property apart from older homes and the builder basic models they’ll see around town. 

How can you get custom built-ins designed for your space? 

It’s no secret — that’s what we do! As part of our Custom Interior Design process, we will consider the addition of custom millwork that makes your space more beautiful, practical, and timeless. In fact, if you’re looking for custom millwork in a room that’s not the one we’re originally working on, we’ve got your back!

And when you do decide to add built-ins — no matter where you are in the U.S. — we will create precise drawings that detail every inch of the space. Then, you can hand the plans over to your local GC or carpenter for implementation. It’s that easy… for you, at least. 😉

Contact us here to learn more and discuss your project. We can’t wait to meet you.


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