April Design Board |The Refresh Challenge

Resilience. Right now, we could all use a little bit of resilience. What makes someone more apt to recover, to face the world with renewed energy?

I think resilience starts with having a peaceful place to retreat. It’s that simple. Having a home that serves our soul is the secret to stepping back out into the world, equipped with the energy to contribute for another day.

With so much out of of our control right now, consider turning to your home. There is nothing more important than what happens, and what you keep, within the four walls you call home. I spoke deeply about this here, but I truly believe that your home has the power to change you. It has the ability to hold you, nurture you, and serve you, so you can–in turn–serve others.

We created our #StyleberryRefreshChallenge as a way to help you do just this: make small changes that transform your home, with what you have. Sometimes, it feels nice to take it a step further and add a little something new.

Below is a series of favorite pieces that complement the Refresh Challenge. Sometimes all it takes is one new piece to change how you feel about that shelf, that bed, or that kitchen counter. We also turned our Insta Series into a Workbook, (free for you to download here) to help you with simple ways to work on your home, so it can work better for you.

Improving home is emotional work, with an emotional result. We’re here to help you make some changes that will help you breathe easier every day.

how to style your kitchen how to make a bed what to put in a vase | styleberry creative interiors

how to style your sofa how to design around a TV edit your home | styleberry creative interiors

how to style your bathroom counter how to create a mudroom how to style a coffee table how to make a home | styleberry creative interiors

Styleberry Creative Interiors is a Full Service Interior Design Firm based in downtown San Antonio, Texas, specializing in fresh, relaxed design completed in a thoughtful, caring way. With a team & design process you can trust, we’ll create a space and experience that will help you finally exhale.


Ready for a refresh?

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