Three no-fail design decisions

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and I am starting to get excited. On this day I have one request: I want to make no decisions. (Well, except where to have dinner–I like to choose that, but take no part in when and how!) The rest of the day I ask my family to handle it, and I will come along for the ride!

As business owners, executives, physicians, attorneys, and MOMs, the one big thing we all have in common is the sheer volume of decisions we have to make every day. There are JUST SO MANY. I joke that half the reason I work out as much as I do is because it is the only hour of my life that I get to show up, and have someone else tell me what to do. (Right?! Ha!) Sometimes that is just what I need! Especially if I am not the expert.

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Styled Kitchen / The Hillsedge Project

The more I engage on social media, the more I learn about you. One thing I hear over and over is this: I don’t know how to make a design decision. And while second nature to me (as here, I am the expert!) I understand the frustration that comes along with being ready to make changes at home, but not knowing what to do. I sometimes feel this way in my own home–as even we are not immune as designers. Decision fatigue is real!

Here are three ways to help you get going on your home–sometimes all it takes is a place to start. So let’s get started!


This may be the most important step. If you don’t trust yourself to start designing your home, think for a moment who you trust to join you on this fun road. Sometimes, it’s really nice to have a little expert help.

Not all design firms are Luxury Full Service kind of firms. There are a lot of designers that do consultations (we do!)–and maybe that is all you need! Sometimes an hour or two brainstorming with an expert will leave you inspired to get moving on that project.

But some of you may want a little more help. Do you need a design plan, with a clickable shopping list that you can execute yourself as you are ready? There are designers that do that! (We do!)

If you are the type that wants to hand over your keys and get excited about that emotional HGTV moment, then you are looking for a “Full Service Design Firm.” This type of firm will deliver a turnkey design, and you will not have to lift a finger. From design, to ordering and expediting furniture, to installing every last big piece and little detail, full service design is a total luxury. (We do this too!)

So whether you are at either end of the spectrum–“need a little help”, to “just do it for me” there is a designer out there for you. Styleberry Luxe Full Service Design is only for local San Antonio residents, but we are now able to serve clients nationwide (and locally!) with our “What Do I Do” Walk Throughs, and E-Design services.

San Antonio Interior Designer, San Antonio Kitchen Design, E-Designer, E-Design Tips, Top Interior Design Tips
LUXE Full Service Interior Design/ The Hillsedge Project


“But where should I spend my money?”

Sound familiar? It’s a question I hear all the time. Here’s my advice: spend it where you sit and where you sleep! Why? You are going to keep this furniture the longest.

Generally our clients aren’t going to purchase luxury EVERYTHING in a room. Let’s be real–we have kids and pets and company. Each of these giving us a reason to mix and match, with high and low budget pieces.

However, we are purveyors of sound sofas (with performance fabric!). We believe in solid dining chairs. And, by all means, get a good bed! But the rest? Well, there are deals to be had.

If you have pets and kids, we recommend being cost conscious on your rugs (download our Rug Guide to sort out the details!). Case goods (cabinets, dressers, bookcases) can vary in quality and construction, but generally do not have to weather too much wear and tear, so aren’t always a great investment piece unless you have cash to burn. We are big fans of the accessories at Homegoods, Target and West Elm/Pottery Barn to style, none of which will break the bank if you shop smart.

So spend your money on your Sofa. Spend your money on your Dining Chairs. Spend your money on your Mattress and Bed Frame. The rest, well, it’s just for fun! We do love a good custom pillow and drape if you want to elevate the look, but a comfy home starts with cushions, so choose wisely (and if you do nothing else, be sure they are made of springs, not foam…but that is a whole other topic we’ll cover soon…)!

San Antonio Interior Designer, San Antonio Kitchen Design, E-Designer, E-Design Tips, Top Interior Design Tips, San Antonio Interior Design
LUXE (Remote) Kitchen Design / The Peacock Farm Project


The fastest way to design joy is through subtraction.

Don’t believe me? Clean off your kitchen counters and tell me how you feel. Straighten up your bookshelf and remove anything that doesn’t belong there. Is that not a breath of fresh air!? There is absolutely no easier way to feel better about your home than by doing a big edit. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this is my favorite question when editing a space:

Would I buy this today?

If the answer is no, let it go! Your house can only serve you well if everything in it does actually serve you. (…or you love it so much you couldn’t bear part ways!) So many corners and cabinets are filled with stuff we just can’t seem to get rid of, but these jam packed corners and cabinets are also stealing our joy.

What do you actually use? What furniture do you really love? Most importantly, what furniture is comfortable enough to actually sit on?

We are afraid to get rid of things and feel like we have an empty house, but negative space is a beautiful thing. The best decisions are made when you have a clean slate and in a very Marie Kondo way, you ask yourself what you are willing to let back into your life, literally and figuratively. There is no better time than now!

San Antonio Interior Designer, San Antonio Kitchen Design, E-Designer, E-Design Tips, Top Interior Design Tips, Styleberry Creative
LUXE Full Service Interior Design / The Hillsedge Project

Okay, decision makers, you ready to make some decisions? We are a different kind of design firm, with a service for different budgets & levels of design help. Here are some ways to work with us, if we are who you choose to help with #1 up there! Lowest investment, to highest:



  • “Designer for a Day” (if you are local to San Antonio and want to shop with us, we can style up a whole room in one day!)
  • “E-Design” (for a decorating plan–with drawings–to help you install! Available nationwide, or with a visit here in San Antonio.)
  • Renovating and need a recipe for that bathroom or kitchen, but don’t need drawings? We’ll help you select finishes so you can remodel with confidence. We call this Essential Design.


We love our job, and our clients, and dig deep to uncover what you want and need, to make your space work for you, and look amazing, too. Whether you need a lot or a little, we’ll help you make those decisions, in a fun and thoughtful way! Let’s make something beautiful!

Styleberry Creative Interiors is a Full Service Interior Design Firm based in downtown San Antonio, Texas, specializing in fresh, relaxed design completed in a thoughtful, caring way. With a team & design process you can trust, we’ll create a space and experience that will help you finally exhale.

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