Artful Modern Design: Inside Our Virtual Showhouse!

There’s no denying it — Virtual Reality & AI are a very real part of life today. Embracing the advancements they bring to the design industry has become second nature for us. You know my Bay Area roots make it hard to resist new tech, & VR has been nothing short of transformative. The proof? Since we integrated it into our design process, our clients can’t stop singing its praises!

Why? Because it makes our design choices error-proof and regret-free — you can literally see every detail BEFORE any work begins on your home. Now, it’s time for you to experience the magic for yourself.


Today, I’m inviting you to experience our VR design experience through an exclusive tour of our gorgeous conceptual Showhouse. You’ll be able to “walk” from room to room, look up, down, and 360 degrees around to take in every last thoughtfully designed detail. & about those details…

Our designer, Colleen, is the creative mind behind this artful modern Design Showhouse. We collaborated on the overarching vision — a blend of creative sophistication with a modern twist — but I encouraged Colleen to trust her gut, make it her own, and let her talent for balancing color and interesting shapes shine. The result? A breathtaking home filled with carefully curated spaces you just have to see.

“Step inside” our gorgeous Virtual Showhouse or keep reading to learn more about our inspiration!

Organic Modern Living Area

Though you can tour the space at your leisure, let’s start with the stunning living area. Colleen said, “I wanted to showcase artful details by taking the trends we’re seeing today and implementing them in a fresh, cohesive way throughout the home. For example, I took the rounded arch shape and used it in the windows, doorways, wallpaper, cabinet details, throw pillow patterns, chairs, & lighting.”


The color palette of this open concept space includes deep greens, tans, black, moody blue, and a bit of coral pink, all implemented in a timeless way. Focal points keep you looking around to discover special “wow” moments. One of our personal favorites? The playful black, white, & gray patterned backsplash in the living room bar.

Calming & Moody Primary Bedroom


This bedroom captures a modern-transitional style, & while the intention was to keep this space feeling restful overall, there are a few elements that still stand out. The wall-to-ceiling deep navy color, unique bedside pendants, deep olive-gold accent chairs, and tile-like wallpaper behind the built-ins add just the right amount of interest without being overwhelming.

Luxuriously Modern Primary Bathroom

This bathroom is Colleen’s favorite, and once you take the tour, I know you’ll see why. 


Its luxurious & airy feel is enhanced by vanity mirrors and sconces that appear to float just in front of the shower glass, allowing light to flow freely. The spa-like shower is a dream — complete with a freestanding tub, bench, large niche, rainfall shower, hand-held shower, metal detailed windows, pretty tile, & a skylight!

Playfully Patterned Guest Bedrooms


Patterns come into play in a big way in the two guest bedrooms through wallpaper – Colleen’s favorite is the terrazzo-esque wallpaper that is actually composed of blobs of paint. The whole home also features art from one of her favorite artists, Ashleigh Holmes, whose style ties in perfectly with our design direction. The pieces chosen for the guest rooms are especially fitting. & connecting the two bedrooms is…

An Artful Modern Guest Bathroom


In this space, vintage-inspired teardrop sconces pair seamlessly with modern inset stone sinks — look at that stone! — featuring deep drawers beneath. Another notable feature of this bathroom is the cabinet doors. Their “half arch” design transitions from a deep green to a wood trim echoing the rounded shape found throughout the home.

There’s more where that came from…

If you haven’t yet, come explore our gorgeous Virtual Showhouse for yourself!

Stunning, isn’t it? I can’t wait to hear what you think… & I hope we’ve convinced you of the incredible power of Virtual Reality when it comes to SEEING your home’s design before anyone lifts a sledgehammer or slathers paint everywhere. It’s about being intentional.

So, will your home be next? If you’re ready to transform your home into a soul-soothing place filled with ease, we’d love to team up and bring your vision to life. Reach out to us here, & let’s chat.


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