15 Sustainable Gift Ideas


Today, we’re sharing 15 gift ideas across 3 categories for each and every person on your list… including yourself. The best part? They’re all sustainable! Instead of potentially wasteful buying, opt for one of these ideas for planet-friendly options that are even better than the latest gadget…

Subscription Gift Ideas

Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving. Here are some finds that are digital, recyclable, and based on the principle of reusing, all in the name of planet-friendliness…


Audible: Audio books are great for learning new skills or escaping the everyday. Best of all? They’re 100% digital, no waste required.

Local Magazine Subscriptions: These are always a great way to support local businesses and keep up on local happenings. We love San Antonio Magazine. (P.S. Recycle these when you’re done or pass them on to friends!)

Nuuly: A monthly clothing rental service that lets you try new styles and pieces, then return them for future use when you’re done. Our Senior Designer Kennedi is a huge fan, and most of the clothes she wears in our photoshoots are from this genius service.

Trendsend by Evereve: I’m personally loving this subscription service, and it’s where I’ve been spending my clothing budget lately. After taking a style quiz, personal stylists hand-pick items for you, send them for you to try on, and you keep your faves. 

Crunch Labs Build Box: These kits are certain to encourage creative thinking and problem solving for any budding engineer on your list. Each monthly kit includes kid-friendly instructions and materials to build an innovative toy.

Cricket Media Magazines: Another one for kids! These are super fun to receive in the mail each month. My kids have loved the Muse, Cobblestone & Faces magazines. 

Consumable Gift Ideas

Consumable gifts are great for keeping waste low and happiness high. Think snacks, candles, chocolates, bath salts, clothes, etc. Buying these items locally is also a great way to support your community. Here are some of our favorites…


Gifts from Local Food Shops: We love Bird Bakery here in Austin. They make the most mouth watering treats with fresh ingredients, all from scratch. Everything is yummy, but I personally love their mini cupcakes.

Philz Coffee Subscription: Consumable and a subscription? Sign me up! I always start my day with a cup of Silken Splendor, black. 

Live Plants: Okay, hopefully this idea isn’t “consumed” but loved and cared for long into the future! The gift of greenery is good for the planet and is also known to improve mood. For a feel-good plant boost, we love the selection at Tillage.

Pet Treats: Don’t forget about Fido! Edible treats keep plastic waste down and are sure to earn you a lot of love in return. We love the Woof Gang Bakery for Dogs in Austin.

Gift Ideas for Experiences

The best way to give sustainably this season? Swap items for experiences…


Cooking Classes: Give the gift of a local cooking class. Learning new skills in the kitchen is always welcome, and a hands-on cooking class is arguably the most fun way to do it.

Squeeze Massage Therapy: I am admittedly not much of a spa gal, but a massage sure helps work induced stress. Squeeze just opened, and giving the gift of a monthly massage membership is always a great idea.

Botanical Gardens: Give the gift of tickets to special exhibits at your local botanical garden or museum. For example, we’re looking forward to the upcoming Lightscape exhibit at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens this season!

Prix Fixe Meals: Give the gift of “no more decision making” with a Prix Fixe meal for your loved one, like the local “Feed Me” dinner at Clementine’s

Books: Books can hold a million different experiences between their covers. Gift your favorite novel, a beautiful coffee table book, or some vintage finds that are all the more special for their timeless character.

Until next time, I wish you successful gifting & a happy holiday season!


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