October Styleberry Design Board | Black + White

There’s a chill in the air and that means FUN ahead! We’re on the cusp of so many festive activities but before you head up to the attic and let the Holidays EXPLODE in to your home, you may be wondering the exact same thing that I wonder every year around this time:

“How do I marry my desire for minimalism with my love of festive decor?”

Holidays + Minimalism may feel like an impossible pairing but we’re not so convinced it can’t happen around here. With a couple basic strategies, we think you can get a big bang for your buck by choosing the right foundational layer and adding the fun in a simple way.

Since the Dining Room is such a significant place of gathering this time of year, we decided to focus on creating a beautiful collection of pieces that can transition from Halloween to Fall to Hanukkah or Christmas, then to Valentine’s Day and beyond–with a minimal changes.

We believe that a neutral foundation is the secret to a fresh, relaxed space. You can add and subtract color throughout the year and this lends itself to interesting changes with a small investment as the seasons change. Soak this in, then let’s talk holiday additions!

Notice everything is neutral but interesting! We Played with texture and pattern in a way that sets a base for the following decor:


Pepper a few $.69 gourds/pumpkins from Trader Joe’s down the Runner and VOILA! A punch of orange! Want to add some spook? Spiderweb up that chandelier and throw some plastic spiders on top. It’s my kids’ favorite!


Keep the Pumpkins and add a simple leaf garland (Michaels/Hobby Lobby) down the center. Tie your napkins with burlap. Add some seasonal branches from outside in those pretty vases!


A brass Menorah with textured white candles would look stunning as the centerpiece on this table. Add some fresh or faux greens and a pop of that beautiful blue and you have a space that will glow from night to night!


Add some fresh or faux greens down the center and maybe some pretty red berry stems for some added color. Hang a pair of wreaths on the art (we like to tie them with burlap and wrap over the top of the frame, secured with an upside down command strip!) and keep them simple.

Valentine’s Day

Keep those red berry stems and remove the greens! Sprinkle some heart confetti and maybe hang a few hearts from the chandelier. Done & Done!

Secret’s out: It’s all about the neutral foundation layer!

We don’t need to do a lot to make our home feel festive, we just have to do SOMETHING different to make it feel new and fun. The possibilities are endless with the right fresh base! Everything you see above is available here!

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