How to create a space that fosters connection

Are you ready?! Last month we talked about how the kitchen island is the new dining room table and shared some great neutral pieces for those of you hanging on tight to that beloved dining space. (Spoiler alert–we LOVE a good dining room too!) Today, we’re sharing how to create connection rich living spaces!

The design of a home can make or break how we move within it, and even impact the vibe when we entertain. The kind of furniture we bring into our home and where we set it down can change a family’s dynamic because it directly impacts the way our bodies flow and settle.

So how do you create a space that helps foster the connection we all crave at home?

Here are four of our favorite furniture arrangements that will change how you engage with the friends and family you invite in!

First question: Is your furniture set in a configuration where you can see one another when you are sitting down? (Or is it…gasp…all pointed at the TV?) The way we sit will change how we behave and if the focus is not on one another then all hopes of meaningful conversation might as well be tossed out the window! Since our furniture will determine where people sit, we must carefully design every arrangement! There are four basic layouts you can implement in your home:

The Inwood Project
Photo: Madeline Harper Photography

The “L” Shape: We recommend starting with a basic “L” shape. If you have a Sectional, that may be all the furniture that you need. If you have a Sofa, think about adding a pair of chairs, creating that “L” shape using several pieces of furniture. Grounding this space with a coffee table to kick your feet up on or pile up your books will serve everyone who uses the space!

The “U” or “II” Shape: Should space allow, you may be able to add two sofas to a room, facing one another (dreamy!) or even a sofa with two opposing chairs. If space is abundant and you can fit two sofas, adding another pair of chairs to create the bottom of a “U” shape is a wonderful way to organize your space. Don’t forget to add one or a pair of coffee tables to fill in the negative space so it feels cozy and functional!

The Primera Project

The Conversation Pit: This is a personal fave, and we LOVE putting this arrangement in any project that we can. Placing four chairs around a circular coffee table creates the ideal spot to chat, share a drink or play a board game.

The Inwood Project
Photo: Madeline Harper Photography

The Nook: Adding a simple pair of chairs (or even a single, if the intent is a hideaway!) to a corner can breathe life into otherwise unused, dead space. A pair of chairs (bonus if they swivel!) can be a family game changer. Be sure to add a small side table for beverages and books!

The Primera Project

Next time you go home take a look at your furniture. Can it be arranged in a new, more connection centered way? Step One: face the furniture toward each other. Step Two: grab a cup of coffee. Step Three: settle in for awhile!

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