February Design Board | Playroom

Can a playroom be the most beautiful room in a home? We aim to make it so! What is more wonderful than giving our kids a place to grow their big brains? If play is the work of children, let us build them a workshop!

Creating a space where kids can experiment, tinker, fail, and try again is one of the most fun and essential ways to utilize a home for a young family. I have long had a passion for play and today we’re giving you the tools to create a beautiful, stimulating playroom!

Be sure to keep your palette neutral on the walls and with basic furniture and decor, and let those toys shine! We talked about this a bit when we shared how to create a home that encourages play. We consider the following to be the essentials:

  • Soft/Durable Rug (no need to splurge here! Download our Rug Guide to help you select the right material!)
  • A way to display Kids’ Art
  • Lots o’ bookshelves
  • Buckets or Baskets to store toys
  • More cute buckets and baskets to store anything and everything!
  • A table to “work”
  • A map of the world
  • A soft place to read
  • A splash of whimsy!

Beyond the essentials, consider this a place to showcase all of your family photos or install a permanent or dynamic Gallery Art wall, using all that beautiful art that comes home from school!

Don’t have kids? Are they grown and gone? Don’t worry. We didn’t forget about you!

How to Create a Space to Play when you don’t have Kids

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