How to Mix Metals & A Roundup of Our Favorites

“But can you mix metals like nickel and brass?”

I cannot tell you how often I hear this question! My answer is always: “When you thoughtfully balance mixing metals, absolutely!”

If you have you ever walked into a flip house, you may have noticed that everything is chrome. Sure, it all matches, but is it interesting? Probably not. A telltale sign of a professionally designed space is the strategic mix of metal finishes!

The trick: undertones and balance.

How to Mix Metals: 3 Fail-Safe Combos

1. Nickel and Stainless Steel have a warm undertone, so they’re the perfect metal to mix with warm brass.

Brass sconces and stainless appliances balance warm and cool in this stunning kitchen!

mix metals kitchen brass sconces nickel pulls

2. Black is a great neutral. It plays nicely with gold, nickel, or chrome.

Matte black pendants and nickel hardware keep this kitchen feeling fresh, timeless, and interesting.

3. Chrome + nickel are a no-go.

I can’t show you a picture of that one, because we simply don’t do it. The undertones and finish do not work well together! Same goes for chrome + brass, as the cool undertone of Chrome does not play nice with the warmth of nickel.

Now, it’s your turn! Here are some items that will help you harmoniously mix metals using hardware, fixtures, and accessories. One of our favorite tricks is selecting items that mix them for us–like a two tone lamp or accessory. Balance is key–so keep things varied and interesting!

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