The Best Materials for a Family Friendly Home

Whether you are renovating or furnishing a home, one of the most important conversations to have at the beginning of your project is around your and your family’s lifestyle… do you need a family friendly home? How do you use your home? Do you make margaritas in the kitchen? Do the kids run from the pool, through the living room, to get to the bathroom? Who cleans your home, and how labor intensive do you want the upkeep to be?

The answers to these questions inform the material selections we make, and rightly so! The last thing you want to do on a marble countertop is squeeze a lime! (The acidic juice will etch that gorgeous slab, and you’ll surely never forget that Saturday night party for as long as that countertop stain is around!)

So what are some of our favorite, fool-proof materials for home?

1. Crypton Performance Fabric

Performance fabric has come a long way. As technology improves, so does the feel of the materials that can stand up to muddy paws and sticky little post-PB&J fingers. We almost exclusively select Crypton fabric for our client’s custom upholstery. A sofa or chair is a big investment, and there is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’ll stand up to your busy household!

crypton performance fabric in action water not seeping into fabric family friendly
See? It doesn’t seep into the fabric!

2. Poly vs. Natural Fiber Rugs

Whether it’s the kids or pets, do you find your rugs are always taking a beating? I know mine do, and when we specify rugs for a busy household, I want to make sure that they are going to (a) stand up to the wear and tear and (b) clean up nicely.

Yes, there is a perfect rug material for certain locations, uses, and stages of life, and we take that pairing seriously. If you would like to learn more, grab this rug resource, as it breaks down all the different rug materials we lean on to make your home a soft place to land, literally and figuratively!

rug family friendly home layered over hardwood jute cloth

3. Marble vs. Quartz (or Porcelain & Ceramic…)

Nearly every high-end designer portfolio will include marble, but having a conversation about how to live harmoniously with this high-maintenance material is a must. Marble is stunning. No one is going to argue that. But it’s also soft and sensitive. It etches, stains, and cannot be easily cleaned. One lemon, and the finish is forever changed. Heck, continued exposure to San Antonio’s hard water will change the color and finish. I have experienced this personally.

If you love marble, and this is the dream material for you, let’s do it! BUT, there are really great alternatives. Just research heavily how to (and how not to!) clean the material. It’s not easy.

Instead of marble, we often specify Quartz countertops in kitchens and bathrooms for family friendly homes. We love the versatility and durability of this nearly maintenance-free material. My kids have accidentally written on ours in Sharpie and with a little help from my (Bar Keeper’s) Friend, we’re back to white. WHEW. That’s the kind of material that makes me feel at ease.

In bathrooms, when clients want to be able to clean with vinegar and/or bleach, we opt for Porcelain or Ceramic tile. These are beautiful options that give you the marble look, without the marble maintenance. With water and mold working as constant threats, it’s nice to know you (or your trusted help) can deep clean these materials, and they’ll always look like new.

Final thoughts? Good design isn’t just about making it pretty—my ultimate goal is to create a space that will support you and your people. A family friendly home that helps you exhale does so because you don’t have to worry. Living there is easy. & that ease is only found when we eliminate the stress that comes along with worry.

Cheers to smart home choices!

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