Why Design Moodboards are Essential to Your Project’s Success

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“Are moodboards really essential to my design project’s success? Or is Shawna just exaggerating?”

I’m not exaggerating. Not one bit. These days, moodboards have become highly undervalued, & it’s easy to see why — they often get created just for fun and plastered across IG or Pinterest for looks and likes. 

Sure, I love good eye candy as much as the next person, but it has changed the public perception of a moodboard’s role as a valuable design tool. Not on my watch!

As a designer, I can tell you that conceptual design moodboards are far from superficial. They are at the heart of making smart choices. We literally never design a home without them, and they ARE the reason we are successful. Convinced? Still on the fence? Let’s talk about it…

  • What are conceptual design moodboards?
  • What are the advantages of creating a moodboard for your home project?
  • How can you get a moodboard for your renovation or furnishing project?
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What are Conceptual Design Moodboards?

In the home industry, a design moodboard could be one of two things:

1. Collected samples of everything that will go into the new space, such as paint chips, wood flooring, backsplash tile, countertop stone, fabric for furniture and drapery, etc. 

2. Images of all product and material selections for the space, such as rugs, furniture, drapery, light fixtures, greenery, and more.

Assembling these items together, including representations of any existing elements in the space, creates a complete picture (or “mood”) of the finished interior. This allows you to read the feel of the room before bringing it to life.

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What are the Advantages of Creating Design Moodboards?

Okay, I already spoiled this one a bit above, but here’s a comprehensive summary of everything these moodboards have to love:

  • You can see the whole look and feel of the room design in one glance
  • You can see which items go together and which stick out in a bad way
  • You can compare undertones to make sure there is color harmony
  • You can see if textures and patterns are playing nicely with each other
  • You can see what’s missing (Too much texture? Not enough shine? Etc.)
  • Seeing everything together will inspire new ideas, memories, and creativity
  • It gives you complete confidence in your design before you invest in it
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How to Get a Moodboard for Your Renovation or Furnishings Project

Okay, now you believe in moodboards, right? At this point, you have a few options: create your own project moodboard or hire us to custom-create one for you. Let’s look at each:

Option 1. Create Your DIY Design Moodboard

  • Get samples of all your potential options and lay them out on a white piece of poster paper.
  • Lay out the materials, fabrics, and even a printed out piece of art that coordinates everything.
  • Swap out colors, metals, and even a single bold paint chip to see how the mood changes.
  • Keep experimenting until you find the perfect combination!
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Option 2. Get a Custom Moodboard from a Designer

I’m all for DIY’ing your moodboard if it really lights you up, but I also have to say, getting a designer’s selections (for color, hard materials, fabrics, and furnishings) will save you a lot of time, overwhelm, and potential mistakes. So it’s a personal choice. Here are some options if you’re interested in working with us:

deisgn moodboard renovation materials selections value of interior designer

Whatever avenue you choose, I hope you now see moodboards through new eyes. They are the magic behind spaces that feel complete, cohesive, and with all the soul-soothing vibes you’re looking for. Until next time, I wish you good luck finding or creating the perfect design for you!


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