The #1 Reason People Overspend on Home Projects

You know that feeling when you run to the grocery store without a list? It’s a little exciting, and a little rebellious… 

You see a few things that look good, and you throw them in the cart. You know you need bread and PB & J. Then you grab some cashew milk. Maybe some granola. Oh, and that sushi looks really good, so even though it’s a bit pricey, you grab it anyway. It’s enough to tide you over.

But then you get home and everyone is hungry for dinner. There’s nothing to make, because you didn’t have a plan and didn’t buy anything on a list that would add up to a complete meal. Shoot. Guess it’s time for pizza, again…

When you think about designing a room, it is exactly like making a trip to the grocery store — except the stakes are a LOT higher! So…can you guess your most important first step?

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A Design Plan Saves You Time & Money

Renovating or furnishing your home without a plan results in buying what you don’t need, making selections that don’t work with anything else, or investing in items you’ll just plain regret later… like those gummy bears that looked so good at the cash register, but leave you feeling bleah! (Damn you, Haribo!)

In other words, designing without a plan is a waste of time, energy, and most often, money — lots of it — on things that don’t work or that you don’t want or need. 

That’s why the first thing you should ever do before furnishing or renovating your home is…PLAN.

Like meal planning, having a design plan means everything you “put in the cart” is with purpose. We know how it is going to be used, and we know how it works with the other ingredients in the room. There is balance. There is harmony. There’s meaning and intention. Better yet, we don’t buy what will never work. & that feels amazing. So, what are your options? How do you get a design plan?

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Get a Design Plan Customized to You

Your best option is to get a custom design plan from an interior designer. This plan will optimize style and functionality that is 100% personalized to you. 

What does a design plan include?

  • Custom color story and mood for the space
  • Floor plans and furniture layouts with precise measurements
  • Selections for all materials in the space (for renovations)
  • Selections for all furnishings and decor in the space (home furnishing)
  • Shopping links for easy ordering
  • Resource guides to help with implementation
  • Optional add-ons for San Antonio locals (consulting, trade showroom access, etc.)

How can you get a custom design plan for your renovation or home furnishing project?

home office design before during and after design plan and furnishing austin tx
1. Home office before / 2. Our custom home office design plan / 3. Completed home office!

Where Should You Start Looking?

The resources I’ve shared so far should give a great idea for your options. However, just like you wouldn’t look for recipes in a cookbook you know you won’t like, it’s important to find a designer whose style reflects your own.

If our aesthetic is drastically different from yours, we’re probably not right for you, and that’s more than okay. Loving your home starts with seeking out what you do like. So make it fun, start exploring, & if you need us, we’ll be right here for you.


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