LUXE Kitchen + Standard Bathroom Renovation

Brace yourself for this pair… this Primary Bathroom and Kitchen Before & After is SO GOOD that it might just make you want to buy the ugliest house on the block to see if you can do it yourself! I mean, burgundy striped wallpaper, swinging saloon doors AND rhinestone cabinet hardware?! SIGN ME UP. We took both dark and dated spaces and harnessed the power of fresh new color and materials. While the bathroom did not need a new layout, the kitchen did. We reconfigured the cabinetry within the same original footprint, making it a far more functional space for this family of five! Read more here & here.

client love

When we bought our house with the intention of renovating, I envisioned our new home as bright and airy yet casual. I was tempted to keep those fabulous saloon doors. (Insert sarcasm) I definitely needed help in making my vision a reality. Shawna and Kennedi really captured the look I want for our home and the function we need.

- Cheri

before+ after