(Local SATX) Virtual Interior Design

Home Office + Billiards Room

After working together on these gorgeous spaces [link this], the Pandemic gave us the opportunity to Virtually Design two more spaces, and our client brought them to life herself!

This Home Office is full of stylish details, effortless functionality, & all the natural light that our client craved. Stunning teal grasscloth wallpaper behind the shelves creates depth and dimension, making the room feel more spacious. Hidden storage of printers, keyboards and even a kitty litter box help this space score high on both form and function! The result is a soothing, bright, and fresh new way to work from home!

The Billiards Room was the “his” design to “hers” and came with a big challenge: hide the oddly placed door to storage that was floating in the middle of the wall. A prettier door (on a wall of custom built-ins) now covers the original door, but leaves the storage accessible with the use of roller storage racks. Boasting a Texas vibe, this elevated recreational room comes alive with theater seating, a pool table, hidden beverage station, custom swing out seating, and a display wall showcasing the family’s favorite records. What a perfect place to spend the weekend relaxing and watching the game!

client love

We are in love with everything! The storage system works well–a great solution to a very common [attic door] problem. Creative, practical, aesthetically pleasing! In the words of the UT Minister of Culture…”Alright, alright, alright!”

- Tamara

before+ after