Bathroom Renovation Series: What Renovating is Really Like

If you’ve been a long time blog reader, you know we always try to debunk the myth that HGTV presents to you, as renovating is not nearly as smooth or easy as it appears on TV!

A renovation is a legit emotional rollercoaster, ANY renovation. Bathroom renovations, however, can be especially tricky to live through. Life without a working bathroom gets, well… complicated. What can you expect, whether you’re leading your own bathroom renovation or working with us? Come take a look…

The Bathroom Renovation Rollercoaster

bathroom renovation roller coaster from start to finish graphic steps to renovate sourced

With detailed planning, your renovation will be off to the best possible start, but like a rollercoaster, it’s important to remember that twists and turns are part of the ride!

Phase 1: Concept + Planning

As arguably the most exciting phase, the inspo and design plan is full of all the warm fuzzies! Whether we are creating a custom design plan for you, or you are selecting your Sourced Design Kit, this phase is SO fun!

& then comes the reality check: the Contractor bid. Not only does a bathroom renovation include a lot of items (often 30-40!) but it is labor intensive. Once you see that estimate, and take a deep breath, you’ll sign the contract and Construction begins.

sourced renovation guidebook and design plan for self-led bathroom renovation

Phase 2: Construction

All the TV shows have trained us to think that we have crews with a bunch of people in our house to power through the project, when the reality is, this phase takes time. Sometimes, a lot of time. Coordinating trades and materials is not a small feat, and I’d be willing to bet that you’ll feel frustrated, impatient, and hopeless… will this project EVER END?!

You are not alone! I walk this journey with many of our clients, and have lived it myself. Friends, construction does not happen overnight. Or in a month. So a side of patience and clear communication will serve you well.

Once you see that drywall up, you’re getting soooo close, and usually the project takes a turn for the better here. Paint, tile, trim & cabinetry, countertops…and the icing on the cake…LIGHTS! You’re oh-so close!

bathroom pre construction cosmetic renovation old dated 1990s home
Remember our Hunter’s Creek Bathroom Renovation? The Construction Phase included gutting the old and installing the new!

Phase 3: Completion

You made it to the most detail-oriented phase. Creating a “punch list” with your GC is the best way to wrap it up. All the little fix-its will take time, but when they are done…Ahhhhh!

It’s move in time! & time to style your bathroom right up.

And in the case of our Hunter’s Creek Bathroom Renovation, it now looks like this!

bathroom renovation tub shower stools globe pendant art decor

O.M.G. You made it! Can you believe it?! IT’S DONE.

You can officially exit the Renovation Rollercoaster! You may still feel those butterflies in your stomach, but more importantly, you are thrilled that you made the journey and get to experience the final result: a beautiful bathroom you’re proud of. Amazing work!!

Now, invite all your friends over and ply them with drinks… 😉


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