Before & After Reveal: A Pint-Sized Kitchen with Mighty Personality

This month, we’re taking a break from our bathroom series (a “bathroom” break?) to dive into another one of my favorite spaces in the home, the kitchen, for an amazing before & after. Kitchens are powerhouses when it comes to creating a home that relaxes and restores you, and today’s Before & After is proof that even a pint-sized version can be well up to the task…

Before: Dark & Dated Kitchen in Alamo Heights

Before & After Kitchen

Our client’s home is located in the Cottage District in Alamo Heights. Their kitchen sits in a very narrow space that feels even more cramped thanks to a tiny corner window and dysfunctional layout. 


Other dated, pre-renovation features included these terracotta tiles, a ceiling fan, and a stove that is disconnected from the oven and directly underneath the microwave. Anyone who has lived with this stove-microwave setup knows the joys of constant microwave clean-up… or oily hands the next time you try to heat up your oatmeal. (Pass!)

We designed our client a new kitchen from top to bottom, specifying every material, item, dimension, and color. Then, we gave her the design plan, and she led the renovation herself! If you ask me, women can do anything with a plan and the right tools. She proved this to be 100% correct with a final renovation that looks and feels like a completely different home. 

Come take a look…

After: Bright, Spacious & Homey Kitchen

MUCH better! It’s light, bright, and spacious. We reconfigured the floor plan, relocating the window to a more central location. Relocating that to disperse light better throughout the space. We also made the window a bit bigger, which never hurts!

After: Kitchen

For the backsplash, we went with this vertically laid tile in variegated off-white. The tone variation creates the illusion of depth, while the high-gloss finish helps reflect light throughout the space. Brilliant, right? The not-quite-white cabinets also help the white countertops and eggshell white vent hood pop.

After: Kitchen

Of course, one of the biggest challenges in an (almost) all-white kitchen is making it feel warm and inviting, not cold and sterile. We heated things up with brass sconces, brass cabinet pulls, and warm wood accents via the custom range and accessories. Our client also wanted a textured floor, so we incorporated this white-washed brick and rust-colored rug for some warm, cottage character.

After: Kitchen

On the right-hand side of the kitchen, we also added exposed shelving and decorated it with artwork that cozies up the home. Between you and me, this display looks amazing for the photo, but these frames won’t be staying here long-term. Maybe just the small one. The other will be replaced by a large mirror, which serves to reflect even more light around this space! 

After: Kitchen

As we head out of the kitchen, we have this built-in, pull-out pantry shelf for storing spices, snacks, and other kitchen essentials. Especially in a small kitchen, this type of storage makes access easy and frustration-free. No more blindly grasping at the back of the shelf to find the vanilla.

After: Kitchen

At the very end of the kitchen, we added even more built-in storage with a traditional pantry. And last but not least, just in case the cook wants some company, we added this cozy little space at the back wall… 

After: Kitchen

Isn’t it soothing? This stool is perfect for dropping bags, stopping to tie shoes, or chatting up the chef in style. More exposed shelving helps this space feel cohesive with the kitchen and display more meaningful memories. Safe to say this kitchen is a far cry from where it started!

Which brings me to my final point…

If you ask me, your home should play a big role in work-life balance. Not just in helping you enjoy your leisure time, but also by making your free time so uplifting and calming that you feel ready to head back into an action-packed week. That’s why I love what I do.

Your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom… all of these spaces can serve you better. I hope projects like this one inspire you to see your own space through new, opportunistic eyes. & if you’re looking for more kitchen inspiration for ideas? Check out The Hollywood Park Kitchen’s story here — it’s another good one!



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