Case Study: A Candid Interview with One of Our Design Clients

Today, I’m sitting down (virtually) with Cheri, an incredible mother of three, wife to a husband with serious measuring skills, and a San Antonio local. We first worked together in-person with Luxe Full Service Design to renovate and design their family’s kitchen… and she kept coming back for more! (Here’s a sneak peek of their kitchen…)

styleberry creative luxe full service interior design kitchen navy white herringbone subway tile high gloss open wood shelving

Not long ago, we teamed up to virtually design this family’s living room, foyer, powder room, and kids living space. (We’re just finishing her mudroom and then starting her primary bedroom soon!)

Design Concept

virtual interior design concept 3d rendering professional modern rustic

After Installation

virtual interior design professional space plan furniture selections styleberry creative

Since this type of design is a fairly new service for us (10 months and counting), we decided to sit down with Cheri to hear about her experience and see how the family is enjoying their space now.

Come join us for inside peeks of their finished spaces and great conversation…

Interview with Our Design Client, Cheri

Shawna: Hi Cheri, thank you so much for agreeing to chat with me. We have created what feels like magic together in your home, and I can’t wait for our community to hear about it! 

Cheri: Thank you. I’m happy to share my experience and my new beautiful space.

Shawna: Okay, let’s start at the beginning. When we first started working together, we did a Luxe Full Service Design for your kitchen. This was an in-person service, where we took care of everything for you from start to concept but then…the world shut down! Our work together transitioned pretty quickly into Virtual. Can you tell us why you decided to try it out? 

Cheri: Like everyone else, I was thrown for a loop when the shut-down hit. But I desperately wanted to move forward with my project. Demolition had already occurred, our home had been sold, and I needed to adapt and find a way to move forward with our projects to create the home I had envisioned. 

Shawna: I completely understand. That happened to a lot of people around that time. Was there anything that made you skeptical about the virtual experience? If so, what made you go for it anyway?

Cheri: While working in person would have been my first choice, we really are so lucky that we have multiple technology options these days. I loved my kitchen design and truly believed that between photos, videos, and room measurements you would have the necessary information to help create a beautiful and functional family space. 

living room interior design blue drpaery white sofa wood coffee table built-in nook styleberry creative san antonio

Shawna: I really appreciate that. It has meant so much to me to have your trust. So, what did you find most valuable during the process? What did you husband find most valuable? I know he had a few surprising things to say… 

Cheri: I should probably add that I am local to you in San Antonio so my answer might be a little different than someone who lives elsewhere, but we loved being able to use the Shop the Showroom option. I loved being able to see rug samples, fabrics, and couch options in person.

My husband loved the delivery service that the showroom provides. Deliveries from most retail stores during at that time were not very customer friendly. Most items are just placed on your doorstep. Yes, even sofas and chairs and larger items. But the showroom received our various items and then set up a delivery time. They set everything up exactly where we wanted it, and we weren’t left with a ton of packaging. After a big move and dealing with tons of boxes, having this sort of option really feels luxurious.

Shawna: What made you originally decide to go with the Shop the Showroom option?

Cheri: Since this space [living room] is such a focal point in our home, I really wanted to be able to see as much in person before ordering as possible. Also, I had already dealt with so many stock issues and delivery issues and delays due to Covid that having most items coming from one source really appealed to me. 

Shawna: Absolutely. We’ve heard that a lot from our clients. I’m glad it went so smoothly for you. So, working virtually, we created the design concept for you, specified furnishings, and gave you 3D renderings to show you where everything would go. Then, it was up to you to procure the furnishings and style the space following our design. How easy did you find that process? Did you enjoy it? Were there any surprises along the way?

Cheri: Once everything started to arrive, the drawings were incredibly helpful in knowing where to place everything. Our gallery wall is one of my favorite design elements and it was super easy to follow the guide and execute the project. I kept a printed copy of the room design handy anytime we were working on the space, whether it was for us of or someone else (like our carpenter who installed the mantel). 

living room interior design brick fireplace wood mantel white sofa fiddle leaf fig tree

Shawna: Now that you have several fully completed spaces, how does your home feel? How does your family live in the space or spend time together differently than they might have before? What has been the biggest benefit?

Cheri: We love all of our completed spaces and luckily those are the main living spaces in our home. It is so nice to walk in the front door and see a space that is welcoming and beautiful. But more importantly, we now have a space where the 5 of us can sit and hang out and watch a movie. And then there are times where we are literally fighting over the space with the bigger sofa and nicer TV. So far, the guys have been winning as they finish watching The Sopranos. 

Shawna: Ahhh, I just LOVE hearing that. That’s exactly why we do what we do! Is there anything else you think someone should know if they’re considering Styleberry for design services?

Cheri: I highly encourage people not to let the virtual aspect scare them away or cause them to delay their projects. Having a completed space or multiple spaces now when we are spending so much time at home really is invaluable. And be specific with your needs/wants and your measurements. Remember those vents and light switches. 

Shawna: Thanks so much, Cheri. I am so grateful to you for your trust and your kind words, and I can’t wait to see what other rooms in your home you bring to us next!

Cheri: I am very excited about our next two spaces. I think one is a big challenge, and I can’t wait to see what you and Kennedi design. 

living room design blue upholstered swivel chair credenza art coffee table with basketweave tray styleberry creative

You can learn more about our design process here. Have questions or want to get started? Simply book a discovery call here and let’s get to know each other.

Shawna & Team Styleberry

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