How to Fall in Love with Your Home Again

If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to the housing market these days, you know that interest rates are sky high. Combine that with increased home prices, taxes, & uncertainty around real estate commission fees, and it’s no surprise that many homeowners who were considering a move are now staying put.

I won’t pretend to know what will happen with the housing market or when we’ll see things change, but I can share some good news with you if you’re feeling disappointed or “stuck” in your home:

Renovating & furnishing can be transformational. Done well, you’ll be left with SO many new reasons to love the home you have now, maybe even more than a new one! So, let’s peel back the layers to see if it’s right for you…


When Should You Renovate?

Renovating typically involves replacing fixed materials, like flooring, countertops, cabinets, plumbing, etc. And there’s no question about it – it’s time consuming & usually requires a larger investment than a furnishing project. When it’s carefully planned & done right, though? You’ll feel like you’re living in a home where every detail supports your lifestyle. Here are the signs renovating is the right choice:

Your Floorplan is Dysfunctional

Many older homes were designed with tight floorplans that lack open areas for movement and breathing room. And with more walls than necessary blocking natural light, interiors often feel cramped & dark. Altering the layout by making structural changes can solve these problems & give you the space and light you need.

Essential Parts are Broken

If you’ve living with a space where everything seems to be falling apart, a reno may be your best bet. Think about it: if you have a bathroom with broken faucets, drains that don’t drain correctly, and doors falling off the hinges, replacing everything one by one will add up quickly. It may be in your best interest to go ahead & renovate it instead of spending a lot to fix what you didn’t love in the first place.


You Just Can’t Stand Your Home

This one is a little trickier to measure. Maybe you can’t really put your finger on specific elements, but introspectively, you know that you just don’t love your home. Whether you feel a sense of sadness when you open your front door or anger & frustration when you look at your kitchen or mudroom, a renovation will give you the opportunity for a complete overhaul that will revive your love for it.

You’re There for the Long Haul

When the housing market does change, will you be scrolling listings? Or do you have incredible neighbors you don’t want to leave, a school you don’t want to pull your kids from, etc.? If you plan to be there for the long haul, renovating it to enjoy for years & years may make the most sense.

When Should You Furnish?

Furnishing creates a completely new design that includes furniture, decor, lighting, art, & other soft goods. If that sounds a little wimpy compared to a renovation, it’s not! Trust me, if you have the right footprint already in place, it can be just as transformational. & bonus – furnishing projects are usually less expensive and have a shorter timeline. When is it the right move?

The Layout Works

If you don’t need to make any structural changes to the room’s layout, furnishing your space is a no-brainer. Your dated or uninspiring living room can be amazing if reimagined. Picture a modern color palette, updated high functioning cabinetry, new fixtures & lighting… your space will feel brand new!

Your Furniture is Old, Dated, or Uncomfortable

When you look at your space, is your furniture what you love least? Investing in new furniture, especially a high-quality sofa, will breathe life into your home & can save you from a costly renovation if planned strategically. And if you’re not planning to stay in your home long term, those furnishings can go with you when you move. It’s a win-win!


Finishes Are Outdated

Honey oak, cherry, & espresso wood flooring and cabinetry certainly had their time to shine years ago, but things have changed and those wood tones now immediately make a space feel dated. The good news? If you like your layout, your floors & cabinets might be able to be salvaged. Sanding & restaining your floors and painting your cabinets will make them look & feel new.

The Color Scheme is Drab

A room’s color scheme is another aspect that can date a space quickly, especially if it was once super trendy. (I’m looking at you, gray.) If you no longer love the colors in your home, new wall paint and complementary furnishings will go a long way toward making your space feel totally refreshed.

A Few Elements Need a Refresh

Maybe a few of these reasons have resonated with you & you’re leaning towards furnishing, but there are a couple elements in your space that need a little extra love. Perhaps you want your fireplace resurfaced, you imagine built-ins on one wall, or you dream of a little office nook in one corner. These wouldn’t necessitate a total renovation, but if you work with us for a furnishing project, you could choose them as Add-Ons to complete your vision. We love helping you get exactly what you want.


How We Strategically Decorate for Maximum Impact

Furnishing your space is so much more than just adding accent chairs, pillows, a coffee table, & a few new lamps to your cart, checking out, and setting them up when they arrive. When you work with us, you get a cohesive design, magazine-worthy results, & truly the most bang for your buck. Here’s how we do it…

Splurge & Save

You’ve heard me talk about strategic spending before, as it’s really the smartest way to stretch your investment. We know how to highlight & build upon one strategic showstopper piece based on your personal values. Want a stunning, high-quality sofa? Let’s find the right one for you in our showroom and balance it with some great retail accent chairs. Love custom art? We’ll splurge on a piece you love & save on lamps. It’s truly all about prioritizing what’s important to you.


Uncover Your Color

You may have seen color guide catalogs at retail showrooms, and while they can be helpful at times, they’re made to sell everyone the same thing. When we furnish & consider color, we take it a big step beyond. 

Custom design uncovers what you love and makes that the centerpiece. You won’t see us choosing beige everything just because neutrals are great (unless you love beige – then, we’ll make sure your room is a layered, textural masterpiece). Expertly selecting & coordinating colors specifically for you is one of the most carefully honed tools in our toolbox.

Create Cohesion, Interest & Harmony

In any home, the room where most gatherings occur, typically the kitchen or living room, sets the tone for the overall aesthetic. This all-important room is always where we begin each project to ensure an intentional, cohesive design overall. We design each room as if it was a piece of art, strategically arranging every single element & detail in order to move the eye throughout the space harmoniously.


Loving the Home You’re In

So, the moral of the story is that even if you’re not in a position to move to a home that will check all the boxes on your wishlist, loving the home you’re in is so doable. Whether you choose to renovate or furnish — or maybe both! — it will transform your space, the way you live, and the way you feel each and every day.

And if you happen to be looking for a team to guide you? We’d love to help. Reach out to us here, & together, we’ll create countless reasons to love your home.


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