Glenellen: Infusing a New Build with Functionality & California Casual Style

Our clients’ move into a new build home was exhilarating. As a busy family with 4 boys, they appreciated that everything was fresh & ready for their own personalization. As a military medical family, they knew that the residence wouldn’t be their forever home, but they still wanted to fully enjoy it during their time in San Antonio. (Been there!)

The couple reached out to us with clear goals in mind: making their new build’s living room & breakfast nook feel comfortable and custom with quality furnishings, niche built-ins, and personal touches throughout. They described their style as “California Casual,” a mix of modern & transitional — a perfect match for us!


Our Process: Complete Furnishings with Add-Ons

The family hoped to allocate most of their investment towards quality furniture rather than design fees, so we agreed that our service was the right fit. We provided design boards & black and white drawings to help them visualize their furnished space, & that was exactly what they needed to move forward (proof that while VR is fantastic, not everyone or every project needs it).

The couple took advantage of our many add-ons, choosing to include a fireplace design refresh with custom built-ins on each side, some light kitchen styling, and our Shop the Showroom option for high-quality furniture — yes, they still wanted to invest in long-lasting furnishings even though they didn’t plan to live in the home forever. (Spoiler: We’ll help them “drag-and-drop” their furnishings into the design of whatever next home they might have in the future!)

So, how did it all turn out? Since this was a completely virtual project, we didn’t see the space until the day we showed up to photograph it — & they nailed it! They really respected the design and the result is the intentional, peaceful, & welcoming home they envisioned.


The Foyer Sets the Tone


Although this wasn’t the primary space on their wishlist, they knew adding it would capture the overall feel of the home & create a warm & welcoming vibe as soon as they stepped in. We added texture with pillows & decor and chose a large abstract painting to align with the large scale of the room. A practical bench provides a place to sit and remove shoes, while also serving as a grounding piece for the decor. 

This space then opens up to the main event…

Calm, Comfortable Living Room


Ahhh, soothing in all the right ways! & there’s not even a whisper of new-build cookie-cutter design left after we worked our magic. Completely personal, right? We created this soothing color palette with a foundation of neutral basic pieces, then added in bold accents for just the right amount of visual interest. 

One of our clients’ biggest concerns before hiring us was choosing a sofa that was the right size & scale for the space. We carefully created a furnishings plan that filled yet didn’t overcrowd the room — with two sofas versus just one sectional — which also allows for good traffic flow. 

Oh, & even though the couple chose to shop the showroom, not every piece is high end! We expertly mixed & matched high and low furnishings (& old and new) to meet the family’s investment goal and check off their wishlist. Let’s take a closer look at the details…

More Seating than Meets the Eye


Can we take a minute to visually soak in these two gorgeous sofas? Beautiful, comfortable, AND long-lasting? Yes, please. You’ve heard me say it before – invest where you sit – & our clients did just that. Although we worked together virtually, we met the wife of this couple in our showroom for our presentation & so she could sit-test the sofas we pre-selected for them. Yes, showroom sofas are an investment, but not so wildly expensive that they are precious. 

The deep blue we chose was a favorite all around — it added a much-needed grounding contrast to the space — and performance fabric on both make these very family-friendly. Those were our “higher” investment items. Balancing the investment on the “low” side is the retail rug… because BOYS, right?


Would you have guessed that these two chairs weren’t brand new? It’s true — the family brought these mid-century pieces from their old home. They fit perfectly into the design, adding to that collected and distinctive feeling the couple wanted. We love when we can infuse new life into well-loved pieces!

The family also loves displaying personal photos, and requested that we add a gallery wall on one of the open walls. Done — twice! We were able to fit in 2 displays for them. If you look just beyond the chairs peeking out from the hallway, you can see one of the gallery walls: a grid of 9 family photos. Personal touches make a big impact on the home feeling warm & personal.


Another original piece? The couple’s ottoman. We had it reupholstered in a timeless custom fabric that ties in both the blue & cream from the sofas, and now it looks stunning – seriously, look at those perfect seams on the pattern! We always recommend our tried & true trades for any work that needs to be completed. When you work with us, you get our team and our resources!

P.S. The ottoman on its own wasn’t quite the right size for the large space, so we pulled a little designer trick: we added two new ottomans to the end to extend the visual size. And bonus! Those two additional ottomans can serve as more seating when the family entertains. So smart, right?

Beautiful & Practical Storage Solutions


The new built-ins surrounding our simple, yet modernized fireplace design serve as a beautiful focal point, & truly uplevel this living space in look and functionality. We selected shelves with a wood tone that was a hair warmer than the gray throughout the home to brighten up the space. Browns are back, my friends!

Gorgeous textured grasscloth wallpaper behind the shelves adds dimension and makes the decor really stand out & cabinets below provide plenty of space for the family to store games. (You know where I stand on the value of adding custom built-ins… always a smart move!)

The rustic console table was a great opportunity to infuse relaxed, informal style into the space. Plus, it provides the perfect separation between the living room and breakfast nook & a great storage option for dishware that might be needed at the table. Which brings us to…

A Charming Breakfast Nook


Before, this space felt cavernous… almost uncomfortably big for its intended use & we completely agreed with the family that it needed some warming up. We upped the coziness big time with timeless grasscloth wallpaper (echoing the living room built-ins!) and new custom millwork. So much more character, & the mixed & matched wood tones strike that perfect casual California vibe our clients wanted.


And let’s not forget the details that make the space really feel special. With gorgeous curves, clean lines, & a sense of airiness, this understated fixture adds just the right amount of visual interest while perfectly balancing the solid table beneath. Absolutely flawless!

“The design was more beautiful once executed than I even hoped for after receiving the plans. Styleberry nailed my preferred aesthetic & was able to seamlessly merge beauty with practicality and everyday living.  This experience was definitely worth the financial & time investment. I’m so glad I waited for the showroom furniture pieces because they make the very best use of our living space, and the quality of construction is unmatched. I really loved working with the Styleberry team!”

– Natalie

Wait… what happens if they move??

Although this family won’t live in this home forever, we know they’ll enjoy it wholeheartedly while they’re here in San Antonio. And when they’re ready to move? We’ll be there for them then, too. When we work with our clients, we’re fully invested in a long-term relationship with them. 

We’re happy to help these items work in their next home, “dragging & dropping” them into their new floorplan so they feel just as intentional. While we know that nothing is forever, showroom furnishings are versatile and timeless for this exact reason! 

Feeling inspired? If you’re ready to create fresh & meaningful spaces with lasting, high-quality furnishings, we can’t wait to meet you.


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