5 Reasons We Might Not Be the Right Design Team for You

Did you just spit out your coffee? No, that title isn’t a typo. You know I’m all about full transparency and want you to make the most informed decision when choosing your design team. If we’re a match, wonderful – we’re excited to collaborate! However, if we’re not the right fit, that’s perfectly okay too.

Whether you’re considering a renovation or an interior design project, I’m here to help you determine if our services align with your expectations and requirements. Let’s dive in…


Reason 1: You Want Concierge Design

If you’re in search of a full-service design team that handles everything from start to finish, you might find Styleberry’s approach different from what you’re looking for. We don’t offer full-service implementation (although we used to), but that’s because so many of our clients are genuinely interested in managing their own renovation or furnishing project. 

What We Do Instead: We take you through the start of the full-service process, leading you from exploration to the overall direction to a custom, detailed design plan. Each plan can include layouts, material & product selections, custom cabinet design, and more. At this point, most design firms will then lead project management, but instead, we turn the plans over to you, allowing you to implement them yourself or with some guidance. (Which also saves on PM fees!)

P.S. If you need some extra help as construction gets underway, our Consulting Add-On for San Antonio locals is the perfect way to get some added support throughout the execution of your design.


Reason 2: You Want Only Showroom-Level Items

If you’re set on exclusively high-end, luxury materials and furnishings, we may not be the right fit. While we do value high-end pieces, we believe in a balanced approach. Yes, luxury items can certainly elevate your space, but when every selection comes with a hefty price tag, believe me, numbers add up quickly!

If you prefer allocating your investment this way, many firms would be happy to accommodate your preferences. But Styleberry does things a little differently, as we guide you through selecting items with a little more discernment…

What We Do Instead: We fully believe in the value of high-end, showroom-level items for their long lasting quality and value. But instead of exclusively opting for luxury items, we encourage a mix & match approach. Call it strategically splurging and saving, if you will. We’ll guide you to investing in quality where it counts, such as seating and sleeping areas, while saving on less critical elements like styling pieces. Smart investment planning, right?


Reason 3: You Want to be Minimally Involved

If you dream of a renovation process that’s as simple as selecting a design team, giving your approval, and returning to a completed home months later, Styleberry might not be your top choice. I get it – life can be incredibly busy, and you might prefer a completely hands-off approach. If that’s your preference, there are plenty of design firms out there for you. We’re a better match for those seeking a more involved approach…

What We Do Instead: We want you to be part of the conversation, which is why our design process starts with an in-depth exploration of your life, style preferences, and goals. We also share design boards as a first checkpoint & allow feedback and iterations of your final design to ensure that every detail is perfect for you. 

To take things further, we even offer an incredible VR experience, allowing you to “explore” your finished space, feel what it will be like to live there, share feedback, and have full confidence in each selection. You will also feel proud to have played a role in the design of your home — & in my opinion, that makes it all the more meaningful!


Reason 4: You Want to Replicate a Design You Love

If you’ve fallen in love with a home you found online and want an exact replica, we might not be your ideal design firm. Requesting a carbon copy of a photo only scratches the surface of what interior design can achieve for you. While some designers might utilize this method to provide a beautiful result, we believe in going deeper, beyond surface-level aesthetics…

What We Do Instead: In personalized design, function takes the lead. I started Styleberry 10+ years ago because I believe that functionality creates ease. That’s where beauty should start & that’s where our design process starts, too — with an in-depth questionnaire that asks about your lifestyle, daily routines, & even special occasions.

Then, during our Kickoff Call, we delve even deeper into a multi-page checklist. This thorough understanding helps us create a design that not only enhances your daily routine, but also feels fresh, relaxed, and deeply meaningful. & that end result? It will surpass any image you could find online… I promise.


Reason 5: You’re Not Interested in Technology

Whether you’re simply not interested in technology or have strong feelings against it, if you don’t want technology to be part of your design experience, we may not be the right fit for each other. Chalk it up to my Bay Area roots or my desire to always be improving, but we love to use and integrate technology that will genuinely make your experience better. 

What We Do Instead: Our design process utilizes technology in various ways, from to-scale floor plan drawings, 3D color renderings, and an immersive VR experience that allows you to explore your future home in 720-degrees on your photo or with goggles! (It’s seriously cool.) And we’re excited to share that we’re taking our design exploration beyond the Pinterest boards and integrating an AI tool called MidJourney.

Our goal with using these tools is to clearly show you your design concept before a single item is ordered, a wall is knocked down, or a contractor gives you a quote. This results in your complete confidence, accurate quotes for the scope of work (if you’re renovating), & an even stronger commitment to bringing it to life. Who doesn’t want that?


What’s the verdict?

So, after considering these points, what do you think? Are you excited about a studio that does things differently or are you looking for something a bit more traditional? Whatever your choice, we genuinely want you to have the best possible design experience & achieve the soul-soothing home you deserve.

If what we do resonates with you & you can’t wait to team up, reach out to us here. We can’t wait to meet you.


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