How to Design Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Often, the most overlooked room in the home is the Owner’s Bedroom. By the time we get to the end of a new house tour, almost every single time, clients say “this room is full of all of the leftover stuff, please don’t judge!”

& we never do. But we know that the bedroom can help you relax at the end of a long day. It should be a private space, that feels like a retreat. If you have a young family, it holds the power to restore, as maybe it’s the only space that stays tidy. It always has the potential to be a peaceful place to be, when created in a thoughtful way. Here’s how to design your bedroom for better sleep.


When you walk in to a room, the very first thing you will always notice, is if it’s tidy–and that will set the tone. There is simply nothing better than entering a space with no visual clutter. How do you achieve this? Give everything in the space a place to live–that’s out of sight.

Even if the kids have left stuff all over the house, your room can stay off limits, and be a place of order. That way, at the end of a long day, even the act of stepping into your room can start to bring about a sense of calm.

Everything in its place. No more work to do. Time to rest.

Minimalism is the ultimate goal, to create a retreat that truly helps you breathe easier, and offers a place to unwind.


Surely you’ve all stayed somewhere, only to wake to the light far earlier than you wish. Or maybe, you’ve tried to read a bit before bed, only to find that the sole light source in the bedroom is an overhead option, that makes you want to do anything but settle in. Light changes the whole vibe–morning and night, so let’s talk about how to get it right!

We care a lot about lighting and have written about how to select light fixtures that delight and soothe you. Lighting in the bedroom is very important, and a perfect place to layer your lighting. While we don’t often specify recessed cans, we do recommend a combination of overhead lighting (on a dimmer), and bedside lamps. Don’t forget to pick the right bulb!

Privacy is very important to consider when thinking about dressing the windows. While drapery can add an aesthetically pleasing softness that window coverings alone may lack, we always suggest using both both window coverings (blinds, shades, etc.) and drapery, for different options for privacy and light. Blinds, roller shades, and motorized shades can be effective at providing privacy, assuming they are set inside a window frame. (You can’t see them below, but they are there!) Woven shades, while beautiful, can be challenging if they are not backed in fabric, as they do not offer opacity if left bare.


We’ve taught you where to splurge and where to save and your bed, at least certain elements of it, are a splurge worthy situation! Your mattress is by far the most important piece in the bedroom, so we suggest investing heavily in a mattress that you love.

How do you pick the right mattress? Know how you sleep–side, stomach, or back? This determines the softness of your mattress. Then visit a shop that knows their stuff. If you are local to San Antonio, we highly recommend Cantwell Mattress, who built a custom mattress for me, half and half, to suit me & my husband’s opposing tastes. It can get tricky, if you and your partner have dissimilar tastes. Local shops can often help you solve this tricky problem!

You may have noticed that we think better sleep starts long before you ever hop into bed. A room that helps you unwind, and sleep better, helps you start the process the minute you step foot in the door.

A room that feels good (because it’s tidy!) invites you in, pleasant lighting helps you settle down, and a mattress that is made for you offers the opportunity for restoration.

Styleberry Creative Interiors specializes in fresh, relaxed design crafted in a meaningful way. With a team and process you can trust, we’ll help you create soul-soothing spaces that inspire you to unwind, connect, and finally… exhale.

Styleberry Creative Interiors is based in downtown San Antonio, Texas and serves clients in the Alamo Heights, Olmos Park, greater San Antonio Metropolitan area and Nationwide with Full Service and Virtual Design.

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