Poppy’s Adventures: Preserving Your Home When a Puppy Moves In


There is nothing like a new puppy to remind you that a precious home doesn’t make for a stress-free environment. Several months ago, we welcomed our new Boxer puppy, Poppy… and this ball o’ trouble has been hard on everything every day since! 

In the beginning, it was newborn flashbacks and two hours of sleep per night… not to mention puddles on the floor, sharp claws on the rugs and furniture, and tug-o’-war with the curtains. Woah, puppies!

Although Poppy is now in her pre-teens (and accidents don’t happen anymore), she still keeps me on my toes daily and reminds me why careful material selection matters. Whether you have pets, kids, or a messy husband, I’m all for a home that works as hard as you do. Here’s what helped us when Poppy moved in…

1. Furniture that Holds Up

My new living room sofa and chairs arrived about a month before Poppy did. What was I thinking, right?! Crypton fabric, that is what I was thinking. This fabric is stain-proof and you can rest assured that we put it to the test. Months of hard wear later, it still looks perfect. (Read here for more family-friendly home materials.)

Liquids can’t penetrate the Crypton fibers, which means easy cleanup and no stains.

2. Hide the Good Rugs

Not all furniture should stay out during those early puppy months. I rolled up my vintage rugs until Poppy was potty trained, and I left the ones I knew could handle any mishaps. 

This durable rug in my kitchen is perfect for Poppy…inexpensive and easy to swap out when it’s reached the end of its life!

Which rug materials are up to the task? That brings us to…

3. Add In Durable Rugs

Polypropylene is the perfect material for rugs that need to withstand accidents. I added this type of rug into the living room before Poppy arrived, and it proved effective — easy to clean and quick to dry. I also left our wool rug in an adjacent room. It took a bit of a beating, but it’s doing fine!

(If you would like to learn more, grab this rug resource, as it breaks down all the different rug materials we lean on to make your home a soft place to land, literally and figuratively!)

4. Other Floor Protection Options

When it comes to the flooring itself, I’m a big fan of engineered wood. Ours is holding up to puppy claws perfectly. Ceramic tile is also ideal for easy clean-up and water-resistance, which is smart for areas where you keep your pet’s food and water dishes. I’m also obsessed with this spill-proof bowl setup for keeping the splash zone to a minimum.

Engineered hardwood flooring throughout the home has kept the damage to a minimum.

5. Help Your Pup Communicate

Puppies, and even mature dogs, will often scratch walls, trim, and doors to “ask” to be let outside. To keep the damage to a minimum, we installed a Smart Bell instead. It’s mounted on the floor and Poppy got the hang of it within weeks! Now she’s a bossy bell ringer… which is a different sort of headache, but at least the walls aren’t under duress. 😉


Last but not least, we also installed temporary Command hooks for keeping her leashes and collars organized, untangled, and always right where we need them. True, this may not preserve your home, but they will save a bit of your sanity, which is equally important, right? Right.

Well, that’s it for today, but if you’re looking to furnish a home that stands up to daily living (pets or otherwise), our Investment Guide for Living Room Furnishings is a great first step. Download it below and start planning a home that is just as relaxing in body as it is in mind.


P.S. Here are some of my favorite puppy/doggy things that I’ve found since we brought Poppy home! 

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