How We’re Bringing California Inspired Design to Texas


Growing up in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, I remember having the windows open every evening as the fog rolled in off the bay. Summers were spent in flip flops by the pool. Winter was full of blousy sweaters. There was always an evening breeze inspiring us to grab our favorite sweatshirts and head outside to enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that came with living near the coast.  

When I think back to these times, casual is the word that always comes to mind. We LIVED in our homes. They were for using and enjoying, not showing off. This livability stuck with me and will forever be in my soul. Home is a place of comfort and ease. 

This definition has since become the essence of Styleberry spaces. Inspired by the relaxed California coast. Built for real living. Reflecting the people who call each house home. That’s our design philosophy, and honestly, the reason our San Antonio clients say they come to us!

Here’s how we’re bringing California inspired style right here to the heart of Texas…

1. Embrace a Nature-Inspired Color Palette

Do: California inspired style is all about a natural, soothing palette. When nearly every color in your home can be found in nature, it creates an environment that feels restorative and at ease. In general, you’ll see Styleberry spaces in a softer, less saturated palette, but sometimes our clients love a bolder color, like the sea-inspired kitchen above. And of course, in every space, we love to mix warm and cool tones for a balance that feels fresh and welcoming.

Don’t: We avoid creating spaces with predominantly dark tones, especially Tuscan colors (deep browns, golden yellows, and burgundy), and the dark cherry wood we see so much here in Texas. 

2. Prioritize Natural & Organic Materials

Do: Natural materials are just as important and nature-inspired colors. For fixed features, we lean toward lighter woods (like the open shelving above), beautiful brick, and natural stone elements. However, we can also bring in natural textures through light fixtures, furniture, rugs and more. Materials like wicker, rattan, jute, and seagrass are particularly reminiscent of the coast. And we always, ALWAYS add live plants to a space! 

Don’t: We avoid any elements that feel overly artificial, plastic, “glitter and glam,” or anything that looks manufactured. California inspired design is all about keeping it real. 😉

3. Infuse Modern Style with Warmth & Ease

Do: We love to embrace the clean, crisp lines of modern design and infuse them with the relaxed, casual vibe of the California coast. For example, the kitchen above has a sleek range, minimalistic cabinets and backsplash design, and a modern flush mount on the ceiling. We warmed these up with natural woods, beautiful brick, and warm brass hardware and sconces. The best of both worlds! 

Don’t: We tend to avoid pieces that are overly traditional, such as ornate molding and cabinetry, traditional furniture, or heavy drapery, especially with frills. (*shudder*) However, we do often layer in some touches of traditional-inspired design for warmth and character, like the sconces above. In moderation.

4. Design the Space for Real Livability

Do: Another feature of California inspired style is a home’s livability. Spaces shouldn’t feel precious or overly manicured; they should feel like they belong to real people who love their lives. The best way we do this is by keeping the space aligned with its function, like clearing an entryway for the flow of traffic (not stuffed with “things” to impress) or designing a family room with high-quality furniture for a low-fuss, easy lifestyle.

Don’t: We never over-crowd spaces or fill it with jumbo furniture or items you can’t touch. Who wants to walk around their home on eggshells? Not here! Especially if you have kids. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. We also shy away from designing spaces that look like “high-end luxury” with glitz and glam, although you will see furniture and materials that are the highest quality and designed to last. 

5. Fresh, Open & Airy

Do: The final feature on our list is the overall feeling of a space being fresh, open, airy, and breathable. This type of space makes you exhale when you enter the front door and puts your mind at peace — everything I associate with my childhood in California. 

To create this feeling, we use all of the above techniques, along with features like open shelving, materials that help reflect light, and any elements that add lighthearted personality to the home, like baskets, the butcher’s block countertop above, plants, or relaxed pillows and blankets.

Don’t: You won’t see us creating small, dark spaces. Even our most recent charcoal-inspired kitchen (still in progress!) or the Waterford Game Room below feels open and inviting. We want you to feel like your home is cozy yet expansive. Warm yet fresh. Beautiful yet relaxed.


Want in on a well kept secret? Several of the spaces above were designed virtually! Check out our Design Services here, including a Shop the Showroom option for San Antonio locals, where we can hand select that sofa you’ll snuggle into for many years to come.


Styleberry Creative Interiors specializes in fresh, relaxed design crafted in a meaningful way. With a team and process you can trust, we’ll help you create soul-soothing spaces that inspire you to unwind, connect, and finally… exhale. Our studio is based in downtown San Antonio, Texas and serves clients in the Alamo Heights, Olmos Park, greater San Antonio Metropolitan area and Nationwide.

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