Why Wovens Belong in Every Home

Hi! Kennedi here! Whether you are browsing the most current Architectural Digest, scrolling through social media, or stalking your favorite designer for inspiration, odds are you will notice wovens are having a moment. We’re seeing bar stools, lighting, lounge chairs, coffee tables, and more getting a woven makeover.

When I first noticed this trend emerging, I had memories of my grandmother’s house, peppered with leftovers from the seventies. I was not on board the rattan train – I’ll stick with my modern materials, thanks! But like most trends, this one has grown on me because now I see how this classic element has the ability to bring life to every home.


There is a warming effect that happens with woven objects in a space. Maybe it’s the suggestion of something handmade or organic that instantly makes a design feel casual and lived-in. It’s for this reason that we incorporate wovens into every project. Our go to strategy is adding baskets of all shapes and sizes. They are versatile and add practical value for storing blankets, toys, books, you name it! We also achieve the look with trays and bowls, table settings, frames, and other decorative odds and ends. If a client is feeling bold, one of my favorite ways is to bring in a statement piece like a chair with a rope back or a jute chandelier.


Rely on wovens to work magic! In a space with wood tones that don’t quite mix, a basket in a neutral or multi-tone can bring everything together and create a more harmonious color palette.


I am currently working through how to use wovens in my own home. I have a small space and a modest budget, so my personal design philosophy right now is to decorate with intention.

In August, my husband and I went on a weekend gateway to Scottsdale, AZ. When we travel, I try to find a unique souvenir that I can display in my home that works with my style, but still reminds me of the culture of the place we visited. I was pleased to notice a stack of woven bowls in almost every shop we passed, but they were all super colorful and nothing seemed quite right for me. On our last day, we made a last-ditch effort to find the perfect bowl and we stumbled across a shop with an entire room of woven goods. We dug through every single stack of bowls, tossing dozens aside. We came to the last stack and I said to my husband “this one is probably more of the same, you don’t need to look through it”. But bless him, he doesn’t give up! While I was grabbing my bag to leave, he pulled a bowl out from the bottom of the pile and it was perfect. Neutral and simple, what my dreams are made of! It’s now proudly hanging on my wall and it makes me happy every time I see it.

It is easy to incorporate wovens into your home through small details like this, and without burning a hole in your wallet.

If you want to get started adding wovens to your home, here are a few Styleberry approved pretties that are sure you help you create a styled and collected space!

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