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3 Features of a High Quality Sofa & How to Find the Right One

Regardless of what & where you buy, a sofa is expensive and deserves careful attention and thoughtful planning. If you’re wondering how to select quality furniture, I’m sharing a few key elements to look for, along with how we can help find the perfect sofa for your needs, comfort, & investment level.



15 Sustainable Gift Ideas

We’re sharing 15 gift ideas across 3 categories for each and every person on your list… including yourself. The best part? They’re all sustainable!



Meet Our Ready-to-Order Collection of Styled Spaces!

We heard the call for do-it-yourself furnishing, & we couldn’t resist…so, we launched Styled Spaces, our collection of curated and ready-to-purchase rooms…



15 Sustainable Gift Ideas You Can Feel Good About

Still searching for sustainable gift ideas to avoid wasteful buying? Well, we’ve come up with 15 ideas that we personally use, give, and love..


Our Top Pairings for Quality Sofas & Chairs

Finding quality sofas and chairs (or any furniture, for that matter) can be tricky on the internet. To help demystify the process, I shared what to look for in high-quality furniture last week. This week, I thought I’d take it a step further and round up a couple of options that get our official stamp […]


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Our Favorite Organizational Finds for Ease at Home

I believe that organization creates order, and order ushers in true mental peace… but whoever said organizing had to be boring? We apply our mission of “fresh, relaxed & meaningful interiors” to every aspect of your space — storage solutions included!  We’ve rounded up several organizational finds to help you breathe ease into your home […]


Shop: Bedroom Essentials

Bedding can be tricky to coordinate, and consistent with our design values, we believe that less is more. Selectively splurging can go a long way in a bedroom, when splurges are chosen wisely. We believe in investing in where you sleep, but not everything has to be high end. Here’s how we break it down: […]


A Soul-Soothing 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

This time of year, I am always on the lookout for smart and long-lasting gifts that will continue to give long after the holidays are over. Here is a collection of soul-soothing, creative, and tech savvy gifts that we’ve curated for you and the special people in your life! The High Achiever She aims high […]


Our Favorite Light Fixtures (and bulbs!)

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “where do I find light fixtures?” followed closely thereafter with “how do I choose the right lightbulbs?” As we move into Fall, and enter the darker months of the year, we want to share some of our favorite light fixtures (and bulbs!) to help your […]


September Design Board | Back to School Desks

No matter where in the world this finds you, I am willing to bet, life isn’t what it used to be. As we normally prepare for the back to school season with excitement and a promise of productivity, this year it feels different. Some kids are going to school, some are not. There are big […]


JUNE DESIGN BOARD: Splurge or save?

If you poke around the Styleberry Blog and Instagram, then you know we have a love for pretty things. We also love to mix high end, with some more affordable items, to stretch your budget to the max! We recently broke down The Smart Ways to Invest in your Home Decor and wanted to take […]


May Design Board | Create a Pretty Zoom Backdrop

Now, some of you are going to love our collection of Free Virtual Zoom Backdrops, but we know some of you are going to want to have the real thing! If you have a wall that needs a little love, and serves as your background for all of those virtual meetings, here’s some inspiration! All […]


Ready for a refresh?

5 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Sofa

From style to comfort, quality to size, finding the right sofa takes a trained eye and some strategy! Get our step-by-step guide to discovering your perfect match.