What Does a Professionally Designed Kitchen Renovation Cost?

I’ll be honest with you, openly discussing the costs associated with a kitchen renovation is a topic I have gone back and forth on sharing. On one hand, any kitchen renovation is going to require a sizable investment, and I don’t want to scare you away from making what can be a life-changing (literally) update to your home. 

On the other hand, talking about money with our clients is a weekly, if not daily, occurrence. Balancing your investment — through custom-designed features, material selections, appliance recommendations, labor fees, etc. — is a crucial part of every single project. We have to talk about it eventually. 

As I pondered the pros and cons of just “laying it all out there,” I realized this simple truth: whether you have the money to invest or not, the cost of a kitchen renovation is going to surprise you. & if I can help alleviate that surprise and set you up for success, then let’s do it!

Today, we’ll dive into:

  • What a professional kitchen renovation costs
  • What your most expensive line items are likely to be
  • How much interior design fees cost for a renovation
  • Ways to save on your kitchen design, if needed

How much does a full kitchen renovation cost? 

Here in San Antonio, most professionally designed, full-gut kitchen renovations cost an average of $90k-$120k+ or more in total. That includes everything from design fees and materials to labor and installation. 

However, keep in mind that no two kitchens are the same & no two budgets are the same. Your investment will always depend on your particular needs and your unique home. That said, here are the 5 biggest line items you can expect: 

1. Moving Utilities

Moving utilities is where the price climbs. Are we jackhammering into a slab to move water, electrical, and gas? In many cases, we can work with the existing footprint and still create a functional workspace (like we did in this Modern Coastal Kitchen Renovation), but in others, changing the floorplan is the only way to fix a dysfunctional layout. We can work together to discuss the right approach for you.

2. Purchasing Appliances

Your largest appliance purchases are likely to include your range, refrigerator, dishwasher, beverage fridge, and ice maker. These are investment items in normal times, but these days, prices have only increased. Yes, you can find low-cost options (and VERY high-cost options), but remember, you get what you pay for. 

If you’re looking to gauge your investment, do some quick online searches to get a feel for the spectrum of prices. When we work together, we can also guide you toward brands we know and trust, as well as balancing your investment.

3. Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are always a splurge, but frankly, we never design a kitchen without them. Not only do they bring customized functionality into your routine, but they are of far better quality than the alternative… & you use them daily! Trust me, you will want them to hold up. 

You can also opt for interior cabinet organization features, like pull-out trash bins, organizers, a mixer lift, etc. Though these do cost more, they result in a design that fits you & your family like a glove.

4. High-Quality Materials

Your material options are endless, but the better the material, the higher the cost. While you certainly don’t need to put marble everywhere (I would recommend quartz or quartzite for a kitchen anyway), the materials used for your counters, flooring, sink, etc. will either make your kitchen look cheap or make it feel high-end. 

This rule also applies to the items that are setting your kitchen’s style foundation, like tile, plumbing fixtures, and lighting. The human eye can see quality, even our brains don’t register it. Plus, you can trust that these pieces are designed to last, which is always a good long-term investment.

5. Professional Fees

Professional fees are another line item that will take up a considerable amount of your budget — and they should. No matter where you live or whom you choose to hire, I cannot stress this enough: hiring experts will SAVE you money in the long run. Expensive mistakes, shoddy craftsmanship, inexperienced budgeting or project management — professionals don’t do these things! 

In fact, I would argue that hiring experts is the single most important item on this entire list. Your team will make or break your project. Choose the right people, and you will have a great experience during your renovation AND in a home that brings you joy for years and years.


How much does professional interior design cost?

Every designer will price their services differently. At Styleberry, we work on a flat rate that is calculated based on the scale and scope of your kitchen renovation. Here are a few rules of thumb to help you plan your budget for it:

  • Design for a kitchen renovation starts at $7k and goes up depending on scale and scope
  • We estimate design fees at 10-15% of your overall renovation budget
  • Investing $10k for your kitchen design is a healthy budget (and may be the best $10k you ever spent!)
  • Budgeting an extra $5k for project consulting during the renovation is optional but encouraged

Are there ways to save on the design of your kitchen renovation?

When it comes to the materials and craftsmanship of your kitchen, I don’t recommend looking for shortcuts. However, if $7k-$15k+ feels too high for you, here is another option: 

Opt for a Light Refresh

In a light refresh, you might keep the kitchen’s footprint, refinish the existing cabinets (instead of designing new), and update the backsplash, counters, hood, or decor. This can transform the look of the space without breaking the bank. The only downside is that the way the space functions for you will likely stay the same.

What’s the first step in a kitchen renovation?

If you’re in San Antonio and considering a kitchen renovation, the best first step is to talk to us about your project. I will be happy to share more about our process and help you decide if it’s right for you. I can’t wait to see you then!


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