Is Our Custom Interior Design Service Right for You?

A couple of years ago, my family decided to take on a large landscaping project in our backyard. I knew that I wanted to be involved in some way (& get my kids’ hands dirty), but landscaping is not my area of expertise. What did I do? 

I hired a landscape architect who was happy to educate me, make suggestions, and give us a list of things to buy. With their support, we made the purchases & managed the work ourselves, and now, almost 2 years later, we’re still loving our outdoor oasis!

The whole experience was incredibly empowering. I learned new information & took an active part in bringing our space to life, all while knowing that we were doing it the right way. I thought to myself… 

Why couldn’t interior design be the same? Answer: IT CAN.


Meet our Custom Interior Design service…

When we launched our Custom Interior Design service 2 years ago, I knew that our clients were just as capable, willing, and excited about being involved in the design of their home. Since then, I’ve seen it play out over & over again with my own eyes. 

In general, our clients tend to be high-achievers, list-makers, and action-takers — just like me. If that sounds like your personality, too, keep reading to learn more about why you’ll love it, what’s involved, & how it works.

The Emerald Forest Game Room, designed by us & executed by our clients.

Why are our clients raving about this service?

01. Surprise… It’s Custom! Bet you could have guessed that. We really do it right, though. We take the time to deeply understand you & your lifestyle in order to deliver a beautiful, practical, and designer-approved concept that will fit your exact needs. From furnishings to built-ins, no two projects of ours are the same.

02. It’s Detailed, Experienced & Precise. Although we won’t be implementing the design in your home, we have nearly a decade of experience doing so. We KNOW what you’ll face and which details are essential. We deliver your design with everything (measurements, product specifications, etc.) outlined for full clarity.

03. It’s Easy to Implement. Most designers will require you to retain them for project management & installation. We don’t. After the design is complete & approved, we give you a list of shopping links for easy purchases… & at your own pace. (Great for ensuring you’re investing in the right pieces!)

04. It Will Maximize Your Investment. While we don’t believe in low-quality furnishings, by eliminating the need to hire us for project management (often called “full-service design”), your overall investment is significantly decreased. Plus, our minimum required investments for projects are up to 50% less than full-service design firms. 

By giving you the best of full-service design without the concierge implementation you don’t need, your funds can instead be allocated towards items for your home rather than labor & fees. You can even request retail items in your design if you want to do all the shopping yourself or take advantage of sales.

05. It’s Accessible Nationwide. This service is available nationwide, and yes, we complete it virtually! That said, it is NOT e-design, which tends to be incomplete or superficial. What we do is high-quality, professional interior design delivered at a distance. So, if you love our style & approach but you’re not in San Antonio, that’s okay!

06. It’s Flexible: If you’re local to San Antonio, we offer several add-ons that will make your experience even easier & more fun.  Your options include Shop the Showroom (for access to our exclusive local showroom), custom-designed built-ins in other rooms, hands-on Styling Sessions, & more.

The clients in our Emerald Forest Project added on our Shop the Showroom option for their living room furnishings. With teen boys at home, they now have the confidence that their seating will last!

What’s included in the Custom Interior Design service?

Color Story & Design Board: Most of our clients are looking for a home that feels fresh, relaxed, and meaningful, a place to exhale at the end of the day. Your color story & design board set this direction.

Detailed Floor Plan: We design a custom floor plan including large furniture placement, lighting, and more, for optimal flow through your space. 

Drawings & Renderings: It is SO important to understand how your design will look & feel once complete. Along with the floor plan and elevation drawings, we provide 3D color renderings of your space so you really see what your space will look like once brought to life. You’ll also have the option to opt-in to our VR experience — giving you a virtually walkable, 360-degree view of your future home. Hello, confidence!

Furnishing Selections: We select all furniture, lighting, and decor for your home, including precise measurements, color, and finish specifications. We can also design custom cabinetry if you’d like!

Shopping Links: All of our selections (following your approval, of course) will be available in our Online Studio. You’ll have shopping links for easy ordering.

Style Guide & Plans: Our Style Guide will walk you through each step of implementing the design. It will make everything from gallery wall installation to shelf styling simple. Then, just bring it to life!

Our 3D renderings made it easy for our Claremont Project clients to assemble the design on their own.

How does our design process work?

Okay, you’re convinced. It’s easy, it’s comprehensive, and it’s what you’ve been looking for all this time. Now, how does it work?

Step 1: Welcome Call. We have an open conversation about your project, your goals, and our approach. This is a great time to ask questions and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

Step 2: Contract. We do things by the book. Your contract will outline the scope of the project and reserve your spot on our calendar.

Step 3: Questionnaire & Homework. We will ask you to complete a thorough questionnaire. & don’t worry — it’s fun! One client told us, “We were delighted by the clarity we are reaching about this project prompted by the questionnaire!” We also ask you to complete some homework, including taking measurements & photos… unless you’re local and want to add on a fun, in-person visit for us to do it!

Step 4: Kick Off Meeting. This is held over Zoom, or we can meet in person if you live in San Antonio. (We’ll do the modeling and measuring from Step 3 at this time, if you’d like.) We discuss your answers to the questionnaire, explore the potential of your space together, and identify your style preferences. 

Step 5: Virtual Check-in Meeting. During this meeting, you get a first look at your floor plan & we review the overall direction of the design together. Confirming or making tweaks at this point in the process helps us nail the final result.

Step 6: Design Meeting. This meeting takes place 4-6 weeks after the Kick Off Meeting. We present your completed design in full, including all deliverables. We will also walk you through our Online Studio so you feel comfortable implementing on your own.

Step 7: Revisions & Approval. If there are adjustments you’d like made to the design, we’re happy to make them. You can expect completed updates within 1-2 weeks of the design delivery.

Step 8: Project Completion. Within 4 weeks of your design delivery, we wrap up your project, with everything ready to go for your implementation. You’ll have complete confidence & everything you need to create your beautiful, functional, and meaningful home on your own!

The Morningside Project, completed with our Custom Interior Design service.

When should you get started?

There’s nothing more satisfying than looking at your completed space & knowing that you helped make it happen. (Trust me, I feel it every time I look at my backyard.) 

If our Custom Interior Design is what you’re looking for, we recommend booking when you’ve decided on your investment level and are ready to purchase. If you hire us & receive your design plan, but aren’t yet ready to invest in your space, you run the risk of items being out of stock later when you are ready.

If that moment is now, reach out to us. We can’t wait to help you create a home where you can relax, connect & exhale…


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