Starting a Home Renovation? Here are 3 Ways to Work with Us

If you’re planning a home renovation, even a small one, I am confident you have questions. Even if you have renovated before, the process can still be overwhelming, confusing, & stressful. Believe me, I know — we’ve not only helped hundreds of clients navigate their renovations, but I’ve managed several for my own personal homes! 

Safe to say, I’ve seen both sides of the table. The most common questions that will come up (or already are) include:

Today, we’re going to focus on those last three, because making your experience EASY is exactly what we aim to do. To help, we offer 3 service options, with each designed to give you exactly what you need, no more & no less. Come see which is right for you…


Option 1. Standard Interior Design

What It Is: A custom design plan with all selections, including specified colors, materials, fixtures, finish options, dimensions, trustworthy products, & more.

Who It’s Best For: Those who will be renovating a space without changing its floor plan. I.e. no moving walls, plumbing, or gas/electrical. 

Why Our Clients Love It: Standard Interior Design is our most popular service, mainly because it’s right in the middle. If you are looking for more of a cosmetic update (new countertops, flooring, hardware, lighting, etc.) and not a new layout, this service gives you a customized design plan that you can hand over to your GC for implementation. Easy.

What’s Included: 

  • 1-2 hour initial consultation
  • Style exploration
  • Custom design concept, color story & visual inspiration
  • Design board with product specifications
  • Complete product list with custom quotes to fit your budget
  • 1 hour of revisions, if necessary

What If You Need More: We do offer several add-ons for those looking to take their space up a notch. This can include:

  • Custom cabinetry design & drawings
  • Design for additional smaller spaces, like an entryway or powder room (which most designers won’t take as a standalone project)
  • Consulting during the construction phase (for San Antonio locals only)
  • Styling session for finished spaces (for San Antonio locals only)
  • Furnishings selections, if needed
The Hunter’s Creek Bathroom: The perfect place to use our Standard Design Service

Option 2. Luxe Interior Design

What It Is: Like our Standard service, Luxe Interior Design includes a custom design plan with all selections for materials & fixtures, including specified color, finish options, custom cabinetry, & more.

Who It’s For: Our Luxe Interior Design package is for renovations that will include floor plan changes. This could apply to moving walls, plumbing, gas/electrical for appliances, etc.

Why Our Clients Love It: Large renovations require more than changing just aesthetics — functionality, layout, & everything “inside the walls” must also be considered. This service does all of that for you & helps you visualize what that new layout will look like. (Always tough to see in drawings!) We make it an experience with digital renderings & VR for total peace of mind before construction starts.

What’s Included: 

  • Everything in our Standard Interior Design service
  • Up to 5 detailed 3D renderings of your space
  • In-color bird’s eye view floorplan
  • 2D black & white dimensioned floor plan, to scale
  • 2D black & white custom cabinetry drawings for each elevation 
  • Virtual Reality Experience – take an incredible immersive look at your new space with specialized goggles or using your phone! See 360° around, up & down.

Psst! You can try out our new VR experience by scanning this QR code. It will WOW you!

What If You Need More: If so, we’re happy to help. Here are some options:

  • Design for additional smaller spaces, like an entryway or powder room (which most designers won’t take as a standalone project)
  • Custom cabinetry design for other rooms in your home
  • Consulting during the construction phase (for San Antonio locals only)
  • Furnishings selections, such as bar stools, table & chairs for a nook, etc.
  • Styling session for finished spaces (for San Antonio locals only)
The Emerald Forest Kitchen: A Luxe Renovation chock-full of practical & stylish features!

Option 3. Sourced Design Kits

What It Is: Sourced Design Kits are collections of materials, fixtures, color palettes, and finishes that we have pre-curated for timelessness, quality, & style. 

Who It’s For: This option is perfect for smaller spaces — such as a secondary bathroom — where you want quality design but don’t feel the need to invest in a designer to get it.

Why Our Clients Love It: Many of our Luxe and Standard clients have turned to Design Kits for the rooms that they would like to invest less in while still having professional-quality design. With product options at various price points, they can mix & match their favorites while feeling totally confident that every choice has been designed to work with the overall scheme.

What’s Included: 

  • Design mood board (currently for bathroom renovations only)
  • Clickable shopping list for all items & materials at multiple price tiers
  • Renovation Spec Book for documenting your choices for your GC
  • Renovation Guidebook PDF for confidence during the implementation phase
  • Renderings, technical drawings & styling guide for the finishing touches!

What If You Need More: If you need more, we recommend upgrading to our Standard Interior Design service. Feel free to book a call with us & we’ll help you determine which package is right for you.

Bathroom Renovation created with the Willow Design Kit

Still not sure which is right for you?

There you have it – our 3 options for renovation design services. Still not sure which one is the best fit for you? No need to worry. We would be happy to speak with you to discuss your project and guide you toward the best plan for you. 

Reach out to us & let’s start the conversation.


Styleberry Creative Interiors specializes in fresh, relaxed design crafted in a meaningful way. With a team, process, and done-for-you Design Kits you can trust, we’ll help you create soul-soothing spaces that inspire you to unwind, connect, and finally… exhale. Our studio is based in downtown San Antonio, Texas and serves clients in the Alamo Heights, Olmos Park, and greater San Antonio Metropolitan areas, as well as Nationwide.

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