September Design Board | Back to School Desks

No matter where in the world this finds you, I am willing to bet, life isn’t what it used to be. As we normally prepare for the back to school season with excitement and a promise of productivity, this year it feels different. Some kids are going to school, some are not. There are big […]


JUNE DESIGN BOARD: Splurge or save?

If you poke around the Styleberry Blog and Instagram, then you know we have a love for pretty things. We also love to mix high end, with some more affordable items, to stretch your budget to the max! We recently broke down The Smart Ways to Invest in your Home Decor and wanted to take […]


May Design Board | Create a Pretty Zoom Backdrop

Now, some of you are going to love our collection of Free Virtual Zoom Backdrops, but we know some of you are going to want to have the real thing! If you have a wall that needs a little love, and serves as your background for all of those virtual meetings, here’s some inspiration! All […]


Three easy ways to elevate your Zoom call

We are in the age of Zoom, and although you may not need to get quite as dressed up for your meetings these days, your virtual appearance is still an important factor in looking put together, productive, and professional. Here are three easy things you can do that will instantly elevate your Zoom calls! 1. […]


how to style your kitchen how to make a bed what to put in a vase | styleberry creative interiors

April Design Board |The Refresh Challenge

Resilience. Right now, we could all use a little bit of resilience. What makes someone more apt to recover, to face the world with renewed energy? I think resilience starts with having a peaceful place to retreat. It’s that simple. Having a home that serves our soul is the secret to stepping back out into […]


How to Style a Kitchen Counter | Styleberry Creative Interiors

The Styleberry Refresh Challenge

Here at Styleberry, we have always known how much the home impacts human well-being. Now that much of the world is staying in place, day after day, week after week, we bet you are noticing this too. Home has the power to soothe and comfort–as well as overwhelm and frustrate. As we worked on our […]


March Design Board | Art + Scale

With more time at home, comes more time staring at all the walls that surround us. If color is the easiest way to change the vibe in a space, adding art is a close second! We’re here to help you figure out what to put on those walls! In the last article, Scale + Gallery […]


Scale + Gallery Walls : Do This Not That

Scale can be scary because in truth, it usually takes practice to be able to see scale correctly. For a designer, it’s second nature to know what size everything should be so it looks just right, but to the untrained eye it can be hard to determine why that one thing in your space looks […]


February Design Board | Playroom

Can a playroom be the most beautiful room in a home? We aim to make it so! What is more wonderful than giving our kids a place to grow their big brains? If play is the work of children, let us build them a workshop! Creating a space where kids can experiment, tinker, fail, and […]


How to create a space to play when you don’t have kids

Play is not typically brought up in conversation unless you have kids. But, really we all have passions and hobbies that bring us the same feelings that play once did – joy, relaxation, creativity, and imagination. Whatever you enjoy doing in your free time, it’s play! The trick to allowing this idea into your life […]


January Design Board | A Productive Office

There’s no better time than now to kick off the year on the right foot, and focus some attention on the space that will most set your mind at ease: your office!  Having your calendar and work in order is the surest way to reach your personal and professional goals. Creating an organized, well designed […]


Where to work if you don’t have a dedicated office space

We can all agree that having an office space, whether it’s a shared space or a home office, boosts productivity and focus in a way that you just can’t achieve lounging in your pajamas with Netflix on in the background. Been there. Even if you don’t work from home, having a designated space to work […]


Ready for a refresh?

5 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Sofa

From style to comfort, quality to size, finding the right sofa takes a trained eye and some strategy! Get our step-by-step guide to discovering your perfect match.