December Styleberry Design Board | A Personal Retreat

As we settle into the middle of the holidays, it’s a great time to reflect on the year and start dreaming the dreams of change. What worked? What didn’t? What needs to be edited out, or added in? I don’t know about you, but as soon as all of those decorations start coming down, I […]


How We Create a Personal Retreat

What is it that we love so much about the Holidays? Is it the connection? The downtime? The coziness of it all? I don’t know about you, but there is nothing better than a roaring fire and some comfy PJs. Forget the parties, my happiest holiday celebrating happens on my couch! As we move through […]


November Styleberry Design Board | Warm + Cozy

It’s that time of year when we’re going to head inside for some quality connection, and there’s no better backdrop than a cozy space! But how do you create a cozy space? What makes a space warm and inviting? We recently shared some ideas about How to Create a Warm + Cozy Home and wanted […]


How to create a warm + cozy home

Have you ever walked in to someone’s home and immediately felt comfortable, like the house was wrapping you in a hug? That’s what we call warmth. Now, have you ever walked into a home that is beautifully designed, spotless, filled with stunning art and furniture, but somehow still feels cold and empty? You guessed it, […]


October Styleberry Design Board | Black + White

There’s a chill in the air and that means FUN ahead! We’re on the cusp of so many festive activities but before you head up to the attic and let the Holidays EXPLODE in to your home, you may be wondering the exact same thing that I wonder every year around this time: “How do […]


The Case for Black & White

Color may be our superpower here at Styleberry, but the unsung hero of almost every space we create in San Antonio (and beyond) is black and white. Plot twist, right?! Shawna and I always joke about her love of color and my love of well… the exact opposite. This may seem like a clumsy pairing […]


September Styleberry Design Board | Wovens

Y’all! It’s a special day. A day we’ve been thinking about for quite some time. We’re launching our DESIGN FOR THE PEOPLE boards…because we have listened! We know not everyone has a budget for our Full Service Interior Design AND not all of you live in San Antonio. But you know what? We still believe […]


Why Wovens Belong in Every Home

Hi! Kennedi here! Whether you are browsing the most current Architectural Digest, scrolling through social media, or stalking your favorite designer for inspiration, odds are you will notice wovens are having a moment. We’re seeing bar stools, lighting, lounge chairs, coffee tables, and more getting a woven makeover. When I first noticed this trend emerging, […]


Ready for a refresh?

5 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Sofa

From style to comfort, quality to size, finding the right sofa takes a trained eye and some strategy! Get our step-by-step guide to discovering your perfect match.