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3 Features of a High Quality Sofa & How to Find the Right One

Regardless of what & where you buy, a sofa is expensive and deserves careful attention and thoughtful planning. If you’re wondering how to select quality furniture, I’m sharing a few key elements to look for, along with how we can help find the perfect sofa for your needs, comfort, & investment level.



Behind the Scenes: How We Shop for You at Markets

High Point Market, located in North Carolina, is one of the biggest, hosting hundreds of vendors in both the fall & spring. We joined an enormous crowd of designers this fall, and attended for the very first time. Today, I can’t wait to show you behind the scenes…



Top 5 Renovation Regrets (& How to Invest Right the First Time)

In this post, we’re looking at the top 3 causes of renovation regret, the 5 things homeowners tend to regret most, and a designer’s guide to investing right the FIRST time.


styleberry creative how to design room around peloton fresh relaxed modern rustic style design

How to Design a Room around Your Peloton

If you have been wondering where to put your Peloton, how to help it blend into the design of the room & how to hide it out of sight… this one’s for you.



What To Do with an 11’ x 11’ Flex Space

Do you have a “flex space” in your home? A small room or nook that has served different purposes as life changes? Here are some ideas to make your flex space work for you…


after alamo heights bathroom by styleberry interior design light bright soothing

How Much Can You Expect to Invest in a Professionally Designed Bathroom?

How much should you invest in a professionally designed bathroom? The answer to that depends on the scope of the bathroom in question…


custom built-ins dining room design storage prep space white modern rustic design

Is Adding a Custom Built-in Right for Your Space?

If you have been considering custom built-ins for your living room, family room, dining room, home office, bathroom, or another space in your home, here are 5 signs that it’s the right option for you…



What Does a Professionally Designed Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Whether you have money to invest or not, the kitchen renovation cost will surprise you. I want to alleviate that & set you up for success…


high-end retail sofa for kids game room sturdy durable styleberry creative satx designer showroom

How to Invest vs. Save on Furniture, Interior Design & Home Decor

Our recent Emerald Forest Home project is the perfect example of how to strategically splurge, save, and invest in your home decor…



15 Gift Ideas for Art Lovers & Plant Parents

While gifting home goods can be hard, gifting a beautiful piece of art or greenery can be doubly special: the piece itself can evoke joy and the recipient will be reminded of YOU when they look at/water it. Win win! Here are 15 of my favorite gift ideas for art lovers and plant parents…


moodboards interior design project soft neutral renovation materials product selections

Why Design Moodboards are Essential to Your Project’s Success

Moodboards are far from superficial. They are at the heart of making smart choices. We never design a home without them…they’re why we are successful.


how to create color pairings paint colors styleberry creative interior designer advice

3 Reasons You’re Choosing the Wrong Paint Color for Your Home

The right paint color can create an ambiance, make a room feel brighter or cozier, add depth, or put you instantly at ease the moment you walk in the door.


Ready for a refresh?

5 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Sofa

From style to comfort, quality to size, finding the right sofa takes a trained eye and some strategy! Get our step-by-step guide to discovering your perfect match.