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An Exclusive Look Inside Our Local Designer Showroom

An exclusive look inside how you benefit from trade-only showroom access, what to expect from your experience “shopping the showroom” with us, and a beautiful tour of what’s inside…



Artful Modern Design: Inside Our Virtual Showhouse!

There’s no denying it — Virtual Reality & AI are a very real part of life today. Embracing the advancements they bring to the design industry has become second nature for us. Now, it’s time for you to experience the magic for yourself.



5 Reasons We Might Not Be the Right Design Team for You

Whether you’re considering a renovation or an interior design project, I’m here to help you determine if our services align with your expectations and requirements.



Try These Optional “Add-Ons” to Elevate Your Next Project

We have a variety of additional services that don’t stand alone, but can be added onto your interior design project. Think of these as à la carte design options, helping you get the absolute most out of your design experience. exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less.

If you’re considering working with us, here are some of the extra bonuses you’ll get to choose from…



Is Our Custom Interior Design Service Right for You?

A couple of years ago, my family decided to take on a large landscaping project in our backyard. I knew that I wanted to be involved in some way (& get my kids’ hands dirty), but landscaping is not my area of expertise. What did I do?  I hired a landscape architect who was happy […]



Starting a Home Renovation? Here are 3 Ways to Work with Us

We offer 3 service options, with each designed to give you exactly what you need, no more & no less. Come see which is right for you…



7 Smart Reasons to Shop at a Designer Showroom

A great perk of working with an interior designer is having access to a Designer Showroom. Here are 7 advantages to you and your home…



How Expensive is Interior Design?

How expensive is interior design? Probably more than you think. The truth is, yes, it’s an investment. But it’s one that pays off in the long-run, with furniture that withstands years of use, flow that supports your daily routine, style that fits your personality, & of course, a home that helps you exhale the minute you walk in the door…


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How to Get High-Quality Design Delivered Now

How can you get high-quality design & start creating a home you love right now? Here’s what I suggest, along with how Styleberry has rolled with the punches to make professional design instantly accessible for your renovation or home furnishing project…


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Why Virtual Interior Design is the Future of the Home Furnishings Industry

You’ve heard me talk about it before, but now, I’m making a bold prediction: virtual interior design is the future of the furnishings industry. Here’s why…



7 Questions to Ask Your General Contractor Before Hiring

If you’re like me, vetting your General Contractor before hiring is high up on the to-do list. Here are 7 questions I suggest asking your lucky General Contractor candidates, along with what to look for in their responses…


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Shawna’s Story: A Decade in Design & How It All Started

Although I have worked in design with Styleberry for over a decade, the truth is, it’s always been my passion. From creating cozy closet corners (complete with Care Bears wallpaper made from a bed sheet!) to spending my free time in college getting my hands on any design book I could, the seed was always […]


Ready for a refresh?

5 Steps to Selecting the Perfect Sofa

From style to comfort, quality to size, finding the right sofa takes a trained eye and some strategy! Get our step-by-step guide to discovering your perfect match.